Office supplies: books, concept art, & toys – check!

Okay, let’s go over my check list… behind the scenes books? Check! Concept art? Check! An office filled with toys? Triple check!

Now, at this point, you may be super confused, but that’s perfectly fine because it will all soon be clear!

*cough* Aaaaannnyway… you may have noticed how the Creators have taken a bit of a break from posting behind the scenes awesomeness on Twitter. But just recently, the Creators have returned with some more great concept art! The first piece of behind the scenes awesomeness is some early concept art for Galactic Hot Dogs Island.

ghd concept art

The second image we have shows a bookshelf, most likely for Arabian Nights Island.

arabian nights concept art

A lot of these books seem like they would come in handy! These BTS pictures are also found on Poptropica as Daily Pops.

Last, but not least, we get a glimpse at life in a Poptropica Creator’s office.

So. Many. Collectibles. Creators, if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t mind taking a few toys off your hands. 😉 Looking around, we can see t-shirts of Poptropica’s greatest super villains, a cylindrical object beside it (a Poptropica pencil case? Hard to tell!) and a Mystery of the Map poster drawn in the style of the Poptropica book covers.

Well, that’s it for now guys! Anything on the checklist that I missed? Don’t worry, check back into the PHB soon for more updates! 🙂



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