Buttered POPCORN: the next magazine series!

In case any of you saw on Twitter, a little while ago we launched the hashtag #askphn for people to ask questions to the Poptropica Help Network (which includes, among other sites, the PHB and Poptropica Wiki). Well, there is some reasoning behind it. Some of you readers may remember The POPCORN, the PHB fan magazine. Well, with the help of HPuterpop, we’re bringing it back!


That’s right. The POPCORN is back and it’s going to be better than ever! Andrew (HPuterpop) and I are planning some great new stuff, including more graphics to make it more like a magazine. We’re also planning for it to be downloadable, for those who want to read on the go. Also a printable version, for you people who like reading printed magazines. I hope you all enjoy the Popcorn logo above (thanks to Andrew), but we need you’re help to make it special for each issue.

Every new issue of POPCORN magazine will contain the POPCORN logo on the cover, and you guys will get to participate in it in a special way. You can see that the first “o” is popcorn, but the other “o” (unlike previous logos) is just normal. This is because it will be replaced in each new issue with your art! You guys can send in an item specifically for the logo (we would much prefer it to have a transparent background so that it will work well on the cover) and we’ll pick something to put there for each different issue. (Update: We probably won’t go with this as the art would be quite small – but you are welcome to send in stuff for cover art!)

To make the magazine possible, however, we need user to send us stuff (questions for the PHB & Poptropica Wiki, fan art, stories, fashion, etc.) through one of the following ways:

  • Email our official Popcorn magazine email:
  • Send us stuff on Twitter using the hashtag #phnpopcorn
  • Put them in the comments of this post

When you send us entries, be sure to tell us how you’d like to be credited. (real name, username, Poptropica nickname, etc.) As usual, the types of entries we’re looking for include art, stories, costume ideas, island ideas, questions, and so on – but feel free to come up with anything you consider creative fan work!

We have no official release date concerning the next series of The POPCORN, mostly because we’re not sure how long it will take with the graphics and such, but we’ll be sure to update you when we get more details worked out. I’m really excited to see how this goes and I hope you guys are too! More on POPCORN will come soon, but I figured now was the best time if any to announce this!

50 thoughts on “Buttered POPCORN: the next magazine series!”

      1. Honestly, we have no idea at this point. It really depends on how fast we get enough entries, as well as how long it takes to make the graphics and such. No promise, but it will most likely be out sometime this Summer.

  1. i will make a story where adsuke and cs are captured by:
    the one whose pet is the booga shark.
    the one who controls omegon.
    the one who threw the meteor at super power.
    the one who sighned director d in.
    the one who scattered the nabooti gems,and the historical items .
    the one who sent a black widow to make, well, the black widow.
    the one who sent a hare to make, well, dr.hare.
    the one who gave mordred robotics.
    the one who made bucky lucas a hermit.
    the one who took captain crafish away from skulldugery, the island without teasure.
    the one who-
    well, you get the idea.

    1. A: WHAT THE ****?! I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH A STORY! B: No one throws a meteor. It comes by it’s own and it’s movements are coordinated by the atmosphere of space depending on air. C: The Booga Shark isn’t a PET. D: Even if it is; it’s the pet of Shark Island’s ENTIRE ****ING POPULATION! E: WE took Captain Crawfish out; remember? F (my favorite alphabet): It’s SIGNED. Not SIGHNED. You have the grammar of an autistic third grader. G: Bucky Lucas isn’t a HERMIT…he’s a FERRET. H: You don’t know who the **** did ANY of that stuff! I: It’s SKULL DUGGERY. J: I’m running out of alphabets here!

      1. Not my point. My MAIN point is DON’T USE ME IN YOUR STORY. I loathe stories that talk about me. x death glares Brian x If you do…I’ll finally have my chance to use what I learned in training…x smirks x

      2. Just don’t include me. I hate being used in stories.
        Sakura: Yea, Brian…if you TRULY care more about CS; just use her. Adsuke…doesn’t deserve being in your story.
        Adsuke: Hm. Whatever; I’m out of here. x walks away and no-one is supposed to follow her x

    1. x calls Ultimate iPad Expert x UiPE!!! Brian’s being a big MEANIE and not doing as my nee-san’s wishing! Tell him! Brian’s being such a big meanie; I wrote a song about him:

      Eenie MEANIE miny moe,
      Brian’s a friend, not a foe,
      He’s being so mean and he doesn’t do as told,
      I’m tellin’ ya; I’m gonna catch a cold!

      – Rasuke

    1. Honestly, not sure yet. Since we’re making graphics to make it like an actual magazine and we’ve never done it before, we’re not sure how long that portion will take. I’d like to get it out in June, but it could be July. (Possibly August, but I doubt it’ll be that long)

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