P-Con Ep. 3 (Reign of Omegon) out for all!

Hey Poptropicans! Quick post to let everyone know that PoptropiCon Island, Episode 3: Reign of Omegon is now available online for all players. Check out our PoptropiCon Island Guide if you need a walkthrough, and our PoptropiCon trivia page for all other extras! 🙂


And when you’ve defeated Omegon, don’t forget to check where you placed on the World Champions Map. May the Mighty Action Force be with you, Poptropicans. 😉


35 thoughts on “P-Con Ep. 3 (Reign of Omegon) out for all!

      • adsuke says:

        x poker face x I don’t–
        Naruto: –Believe it!
        Adsuke: SHUT UP WILL YOU?! x drags Naruto by he collar and locks him in a room x
        Rasuke: x thinking x How the how is Brian not scared of Adsuke? She’s an Uchiha, for crying out loud! She can use Chidori on him and he’ll go ka-boom right there!
        Adsuke: I’m right here. You need me to obliterate someone?

    • moody tuna /brian says:

      no! its only that everyone is a team.
      magic snowball: princess
      sticky clown: miner and nanobot
      gentle claw: teaser of SC (not cs)
      cuddly knuckles: cook
      prickles: friend of cs
      Nariko/amine: cs’ sister
      cs: poptropica help blogger
      pikachu: rasuke’s pet
      rasuke: Adsuke’s sis
      adsuke: teaser of Brian
      Brian: PHB commenter

    • adsuke says:

      o_O …Nariko; you’re living in a fantasy land. Everyone HATES me…they think I’m an insensitive jerk. And frankly; they’re right. I am one. So…yea. Brian likes CS; not me.

      • Nariko says:

        *o* HOW DID YOU KNOW???? R U DAT MAGIUCAL VAMPIRE CAT IN MY DREAM????( btw i dnt hate people… -_-)

      • adsuke says:

        I’m psychic, I hate cats (no, really. It’s like INVASION OF THE CATS at the back of my apartment) and there’s a first time for everything. Brian and I are comrades. We don’t feel anything for each other. Even if he did; I’d most probably use Chidori on him.

      • moody tuna /brian says:

        1. amine, y u like magical vampire (+) cat?
        2. he isnt sy kic, u just told him.
        3. adsuke, may b omegon liked u? also,
        5. wat is chidori?

      • adsuke says:

        I’m telling the truth, you know! Chidori is a power in the Uchiha clan ONLY. Omegon? Like me? HAHA! And the ice in Antarctica is going to melt! I was being sarcastic, oya loku vellaway modaya.

      • adsuke says:

        Uchiha is a surname. The surname of the strongest family/clan in the whole of Japan and…possibly the world. Oya Loku Vellaway Modaya means ‘You big-time idiot’. What the what are you thinkin’ about?

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