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PopComics Island sneak peeks, P-Con Ep. 3 news & upcoming release dates!

Hey guys! Slippery here.

Poptropica recently tweeted a couple of new sneak peeks, and they look like they’re for the upcoming (but yet to be officially announced) island based on the Poptropica comics. There’s Oliver and Jorge! I’m not sure whether the girl in the image is Maya since she wears yellow from what we saw in the graphic novel sneak peeks – or maybe she’s just a test player. Also, that is a very very sad monkey. 😦

comic chars

The next image shows the island’s temple ruins (relating to this sneak peek of “monkey ruins”) and as you can see, the monkeys are very messy. The Creators also confirmed that the island is now in development, which means we can expect this island next year!


What do you guys think about the Poptropica Comics Island? I think it’s going to be really awesome. Perhaps all those islands that we’ve seen in the comics will come to life on this one Island adventure!

Speaking of islands in the works, while searching Poptropica’s files, I can also confirm that the final episode of PoptropiCon (which is going to be called Reign of Omegon) is in fact in development! Well, there are only two images of the scenes so far, and one of them is not yet done. Some of the items include a “bow”, “old shield”, “gauntlets”, etc. Uh oh. Omegon has made a big mess in the convention!

Moving along, Poptropica also gave away some upcoming release dates for 2015!

It seems like the Creators have a lot on their to-do list, but I’m sure 2015 will be a great year for Poptropica! Also, I can’t wait for Galactic Hot Dogs Island!

So, that’s the end of the post! Two days until Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!


12 thoughts on “PopComics Island sneak peeks, P-Con Ep. 3 news & upcoming release dates!”

  1. I think that the girl in the first photo is a test player since Mya isn’t on monkey island as far as we know.

  2. I’m glad there might be an island based on Pop. comics. 😛 And @PoptropicaHelpBlog I think you guys are so helpful. Kinda like family. 🙂

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