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PopStorm happy eyes, GHD Mega Dog, Goldfish Fun, & more ads!

Hey Poptropicans! There’s a lot of ads going on in Poptropica right now, but before we get to that, the Creators have tweeted yet another PopStorm doodle – #8, featuring happy eyes!

popstorm happy eyesMaybe the ad updates I’m about to get into below will bring about some of those excited facial expressions above. Hopefully. (Thanks to Scary Plug for the pics & insight into these ads – check out her blog at Poptropica With Scary Plug! :mrgreen: )

On Main Street of most islands, such as Reality TV, you can click on the Galactic Hot Dogs prize stand to get your free Mega Dog Costume with a handheld Jupiter Jolt Sauce tube that shoots a jet of ketchup when spacebar is pressed. (By the way, Galactic Hot Dogs Island is coming soon!)

Next up is an ad game for Goldfish Fun, where you will be given a flashlight to navigate the dark scenery in search of 3 items: the dog food bowl (beside the sleeping dog in the kennel), the dog bone (hidden in a tree), and the dog collar (above the fence).

Be sure to click the top-left corner where the battery icon is to recharge your flashlight every so often, or you’ll have to start over. Once you’ve found the 3 items, you’ll get a Beach Ball Costume.

(By the way, to see the animation process of the dog, check out this PHB post from October!)

For the other prize, you’ll need to spot the red reptile – he’s pretty easy to find. Click on him, and you’ll receive the Monster Follower! (Bonus: To keep the flashlight, follow the steps in this video!)

There are still a couple more ads in the game – upon logging in, you may automatically receive two Night at the Museum 3 cards, each with buttons to external games: ‘Pompeii Escape’ and ‘Knight Flight’. There is also a Captain Toad video ad, but you won’t get a prize for watching the clip – however, you can Costumize the costume of the guy standing beside the ad. And, if you go to the ad space between places, you can grab a printable Holiday Wish List for books by Carl Hiaasen.

Anyway, that’s all for now – to wrap up this post, I’ll leave you with this meme tweeted by Poptropica:

jersey devil memeFor more memes like this one, and to try your hand at creating your own, head on over to the PHB’s Poptropica Problems Meme page, where these memes originated! 😛

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