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Dream Home: touring Slanted Fish’s Land!

Update: Thanks to the Poptropica Creators for featuring my Land among their favorite Dream Homes! Here’s what they said about it: “From the one and only Friendly Fish, an abode that lives up to her name.” Indeed. ❤

“You’ll shoot me down, but I won’t fall… I am POPTANIUM!”

Wow, that was some rousing musicality there. But anyway… *ahem* Well hello, Poptropicans! Like the new Land-themed PHB header? 😉 Just for fun, today we’ll be taking a tour of my Poptropica Land, which is also my attempt at the “Dream Home” Land challenge!

Here’s an overview of my not-so-humble-abode (click to enlarge):

slantedfish landYes, it’s shaped like a slanted fish, and yes, I marked my territory in the water below. Hehe. :mrgreen:

(Helpful hint: you can take a screenshot of your whole Land by pressing the “S” key. For more tips on using Land, check out the PHB’s Poptropica Labs Guide!)

Other than the cute little tree with a tire swing to the side, most everything is to be found inside. In the bottom right corner is a cozy basement hideout with food, books, couches, and this computer. I wonder if you can play Poptropica on it? But that would be breaking the fourth wall. 😛


In the hallway between the basement and the rest of the house are a bike and motorcycle, plus a few chests for safekeeping… things; I’m not sure what. Anyway, let’s keep climbing up.


To the right is a bathroom – well, every house needs one! This one’s got a shower and everything! Plus, those potted ferns do look nice there. By the way, I love the soft plinking sounds you make from jumping on the pink crystals… very musical. Besides, crystals just look that much cooler. 🙂


Moving over to the left, you’ll find the kitchen, with a nice view of the mountains outside when it’s daytime. (It’s pretty neat how the sky slowly changes from day to night – but personally, I’m not too fond of the night view, which darkens everything: maybe there should be an option to keep it at one time of day.) Oh, and don’t mind the spiders outside. They can’t touch the food. 😛


Alright, found anything good in the fridge? Bring it up here; we can enjoy a feast at the big dinner table. Plenty of room for everyone. Ah… food is good.

landtour4Like the glass fish eye to the left of the house? The surrounding area is just some storage space for random furniture and plants. And an anvil, because why not.

landtour3Going left of the dining room now, this is the living room where all the entertainment lives: books, TV, radio, fireplace, and even a sewing machine. With oh-so-much-furniture, hopefully there’s something for everyone. (Now if only there was an undo button for when you accidentally place furniture in the wrong place, which would save the effort of erasing said furniture item bit-by-bit!)

landtour6Anyway, if you climb up that ladder, you’ll find the tail-tip-shaped spare bedroom, with a big blue bed and a few other tidbits. However, you’ll have to go even higher for the better bedroom!


And here it is: at the top of the main ladder is the fin-shaped bedroom: a cozy little book nook to the left, and all the essentials to the right: bed, drawers, dresser, closet, and even a nice framed pic of a T-rex.


There’s even space for my own personal bathroom! Splash splash.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this tour of the “Slanted Fish” dream house, which was my entry for Poptropica’s Dream Home challenge (the best of the theme challenges, in my opinion)! Even if this doesn’t win, I thought I’d share a more in-depth look at my Land creation for all of you to enjoy. ^-^

According to Poptropica’s Twitter, within the first 24 hours of the challenge, they’ve received 2,517 entries: that’s about 100 / hour; 150 / waking hour, or 2.5 / waking second. That’s pretty impressive!

Keep an eye out on the official blog; they’ll be posting their favorite entries for each theme during the Land public preview (which ends Oct 30). In the meantime, have fun with your Land – if you want to, feel free to share about what you’ve built in the comments! 😀


21 thoughts on “Dream Home: touring Slanted Fish’s Land!”

  1. Woah. That is just so amazing. I like how you made the house really “open” and how you used the crystals to make into the shape of a fish. 😛

  2. Amazing house Fishy! Congrats on winning, you deserve it! Making the house actually look like a slanted fish was a creative idea. Plus, the new header is awesome. I love what you did to the font. 🙂

  3. Your dream house looks fantastic! 😀 Congratulations on winning Fishy! I voted for you in the poll. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Fishy, you definitely deserved to have your creation on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. It is a masterpiece! I loved the tour as well, I would definitely love to live there. 😀

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