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Drawing Poptropican heads, Jeff Heim’s account, and Halloween costumes!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe! 😀

Thoughts on Arabian Nights description


We already knew about Arabian Nights of course, but the recent announcement reveals some epic wallpapers and descriptions. As I was reading, however, I found something that sort of peeved me.

In Arabian Nights, players will travel across the desert trying to rescue the Sultan’s lamp from the 40 Thieves. Prepare for an adventure full of magic, treachery, and danger, in a setting like none we’ve ever created!

I’ve made my standing on this topic known, but in-fact there has been an Arabian setting created in Poptropica before. One of the many ports that Skullduggery island has is called Golden Harbor. It has an Arabian theme, thus they have created a similar setting before. Just wanted to point this out. 😛

Drawing Poptropicans with Jon Pitcher

The Creators recently posted a video on their YouTube channel featuring Poptropica illustrator Jon Pitcher. In the video, he shows you how he draws Poptropican heads, and how you can make your own. While the camera is a little shaky, I still think that the Poptropicans he drew were awesome. 😀

I might just make a video tutorial for drawing my Poptropican style sometime in the near future too. If you liked the video, you might also want to check out the PHB’s How to draw a Poptropican guide. 🙂

Jeff Heim’s account

I recently asked Poptropica’s sound producer Jeff Heim to make a Poptropica account, to which he responded that he already had one – his username is jeffheim88, and his Poptropican’s name is Lazy Cactus! While he hasn’t completed any islands, he does have membership and apparently believes in Bigfoot. 😛 He lives in New Hampshire, US, and is a member of the Black Flags tribe.


If you check out his site, you’ll also find a video (using all Poptropica music) where he explains what he does – note the smile when he mentions Poptropica. 😉

 7th birthday/Halloween costumes

You may know about the new 7th birthday balloon that you can get free in the Store, but they also released two new Halloween-themed costume cards – the Egyptian Mummy and the Scarecrow. These both can be found in the Haunted House mini-quest, and are fully costumizable there. It’s quite a mystery why they’re here – for one thing, they should be in the costumes section. Also, does this relate to Poptropica’s birthday? Only time will tell, I guess. 😛


 Pop-pop-Poptropican Portraits!



4 thoughts on “Drawing Poptropican heads, Jeff Heim’s account, and Halloween costumes!”

  1. I noticed that the home medallion is no more there. o.o And please tell me? Even if I bought the 7th birthday balloon and the two Halloween costumes,yet it doesn’t show it in my store items. 😦

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