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Recap: PHB’s 6th birthday party!

Hey Poptropicans! As you may know, this Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) turned six on July 26, 2014, and everyone was invited to join us on the PHC and Poptropica for a celebration! Check out the recap pics below, and a summary below that. For those who came, we hope you had a stupendous time! 😀

PHB6 recap

Over in the Multiverse rooms, we had sixth birthday balloons and other special effects like whoopee cushions, while on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), people could chat with fellow Poptropicans, PHC regulars and new faces, and even some PHB authors in attendance, including HPuterpop (who made the cute birthday doodle above), Samwow5 (Tough Icicle), and Slanted Fish.

Sam was also hosting a DJ station on his where people could take turns sharing their favorite music, and HP & Flamez both made some new PHC backgrounds for the PHB’s anniversary (you can click their names to view them). The PHC was filled with lively chatter, and people had a fun time!

Even if you couldn’t make it this time, remember that the PHC is always available for you to hang out with other Poptropicans. By the way, at this time, the PHB has 12,871,122 site views! Thanks to all you readers for sticking with the PHB and we hope to continue being your Poptropica key! 🙂

Happy birthday, PHB!

By the way, check out the PHB’s History page for the story of our journey and successes!

35 thoughts on “Recap: PHB’s 6th birthday party!”

  1. I wish I came earlier. :p I came to the party one hour after it started and many people have left. Ah well. :p

  2. Glad to see you guys had fun! Unfortunately, something came up and I wasn’t able to attend, and by the time I was done, it was past my internet curfew. Ah well, happy 6th birthday PHB! 😀

    1. Well, afternoon in EST is the middle of the night for me. We could try having parties at other times in the future though, maybe in the morning for EST. Also, as I said in the invitation post, those who couldn’t make it could come earlier for a pre-party with other Poptropicans. Anyway, it’s okay, the PHC is open all the time, so you can still hang out anytime you’re free. 🙂

  3. awesome party! I was on the chat a little while, not even knowing i was in the party untill someone told me!!! I just wish though i was caught in one of the multiverse room pics! (btw i know this isnt on topic but who made this? and how? its rly cool!: pls tell me someone!)

    1. The recap graphic in the post was made by compiling screenshots from the party into one image, and I used Pixlr to do that. HP did the cute doodle with the orange puff and my Poptropican, which I added over the image. 😛

  4. I wasn’t able to make it. My dad was coming home from Florida. WAAAAAAAAAA!! AnYoNe: Meet me in multiverse room on Monster Carnival

  5. This was the BEST PHB PARTY EVER!!!
    PS: Hope you saw me and my friendly gangsters in the party. 😉

  6. That was fun, staging an intervention on the behalf of Pixel and watching the universe and all of space-time continuum implode on itself as we entered another universe. Yes, great fun.

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