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Mission Atlantis theories: a dive into code

Hey everyone! HPuterpop and I were looking behind the scenes at some of Poptropica’s code, and found some really interesting stuff about the upcoming episode(s) of Mission Atlantis! The official tour page currently says there will be 3 episodes, but we think there may even be a fourth. We don’t know for sure, but here’s a look at what we found:

missionatlantisep3For those who’ve played the island so far, you may recall that at the end of episode 2, we’ve just entered Atlantis. Sounds like your character wants to find a way home, though, but if Episode 3 is about the city of Atlantis itself, there may just be an Episode 4 about escaping the aliens (spoiler hehe) and trying to get home. Here’s what we know about Ep. 3:

You’re on the verge of the greatest discovery in human history — but an ancient intelligence has other plans. —description for Episode 3: Out of the Blue

So we know that in Mission Atlantis: Ep. 3, we find “ancient intelligence” – possibly aliens. And maybe Atlantis is, or contains, an alien ship that crashed – as you can see in the snapshot of code below, they were stuck for millions of years.

missionatlantisep32Here’s another look at some code to support the theory that the Atlantis you find is not the infamous lost city, but an alien ship that crashed. But who knows?

missionatlantisep31A while back, HP made a post making some connections from Daily Pop sneak peeks of Mission Atlantis to the markings were from Lunar Colony. Fascinating findings, huh?


Could the same aliens from Lunar Colony be on Mission Atlantis? Might we find Dr. Salerno in an alien ship? We know she didn’t die when she went through that portal at the end of Lunar Colony Island, and she actually looked happy with the aliens, so we assume the aliens are nice. Now, these are just our theories based on some things we’ve found, but we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post! Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments! 🙂



21 thoughts on “Mission Atlantis theories: a dive into code”

  1. I highly disagree. Aliens are in outer space, they would not survive under water. In Atlantis, there are Atlantans. Blue skinned people acustomed to breathing and living underwater. There is possibly and dome around Atlantis, allowing them to live. But there are NO aliens. Thanks 🙂

  2. Plus, an alien ship could float. It did In the thick mud on Astro knights. And dr. S wouldn’t be able to breather underwater, unless the dome I mentioned earlier was there. It’s just not possible, Poptropica wouldn’t do that. They say stuck for millions of years because Atlantis supposedly sunk millions of years ago.

    1. There is a game series called The Legend Of Zelda . For example when a game comes 1 year later to a game Nintendo says the game takes place 1000 years later this game. So maybe the events of Mission Atlantis happens millions of years after Lunar Colony??

  3. This is probably the weirdest island but I’m very we’re meeting these extraterrestrials but what does that have to do with Atlantis if the ship itself is not Atlantis? Really weird.

  4. Maybe this was a sequel to Lunar Colony after all. Maybe Dr.S went with aliens to discover something. They used the alien ship to travel. But then the ships fuel finished and they sinked in the ocean 😉

  5. If it’s actually aliens, like it seems to be from the code, then why would it be called Mission Atlantis? Could the Creators have made Atlantians into aliens? lol XD

  6. I dont believe the Lunar colony idea Poptropica has never done sequel islands before. Does Super Villian count as a sequel?

    1. Super Villain counts as a sequel to Mythology Island, so they’ve done at least 1 sequel island.

  7. And I think aliens make no sense underwater basically the episodes we’ve played so far are about fish I think this island could relate to mermaids or something like that although the strange door looked a little bit more hi- tech then underwater themed at the end of episode two.

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