Planes: Fire and Rescue & the Land of Stories – ads

Helloooo Poptropicans! There’s a new ad on Main Street of Early Poptropica Island for the upcoming sequel to Disney’s Planes (which of course is a spin-off of Cars); this new movie being Planes: Fire & Rescue, in theaters July 18, 2014. (thanks to CartoonSage for the tip!) Inside the ad, there are two games you can play, each awarding two prizes. Let’s fly in, shall we? 🙂

fire and rescue

In the first game, Forest Stream Dippers, you have two minutes to put out 6 fires by clicking and holding above them with your plane (you can choose to be either Dusty or Dipper). However, first you’ll need to fill up your water supply by sitting on the river! It takes about 20 seconds to fill it all the way up, which, I should warn you, is valuable time gone in this game. Also, when you’re moving, don’t click and hold – just hovering your cursor is enough – otherwise you’ll waste precious water. For shame.

Anyway, if you’re successful in this Blimp Adventure-like adventure (unlike me, who had to retry this game quite a few times until I made it under the time limit) – you’ll win a Dusty Follower (the plane, not, you know, actual dust) and a Fire Stopper Power (which rains specks of orangey-red halfway down your screen).

forest stream dipper

In the second game, Cliffside Wildfires (is the Wildfire tribe causing trouble now? tsk tsk), you can choose to pilot Dusty, Dipper, Windlifter, or Blade. After dousing each fire (which gets progressively further and further to the right), you have to return to the base all the way on the left to recharge your ‘flame retardant’ before setting out again to put out the next fire.

If you win, you’ll be given a Dusty Cap (which, again, is not made of dust, but rather, features Dusty the plane) and a Hero Badge (which you can wear, plus press space bar to activate a sequence of planes zooming around the screen). Splendidly mediocre. I do have to say the Animacation ad offers better prizes, for those able to access it! 😛

cliffside wildfires

Also, Poptropicans who log in may find two new ad items added to their inventories – girls will get an Alex Bailey costume, while boys get a Conner Bailey costume, and everyone gets a Fairy Kingdom follower. These items are for Chris Colfer’s The Land of Stories books. Upon using your two items, however, you’ll have a big advertising thought bubble over you, which kind of ruins it a bit.

land of stories

Anyway, that’s it for these couple of ads! Enjoy the games and prizes! 😀

*flies away on a dusty plane named Dusty*


20 thoughts on “Planes: Fire and Rescue & the Land of Stories – ads”

  1. I just played this ad! And I agree with slanted fish about the Animacation ad being better.
    Anyways, I just used that story ad and I think its cool, but the boys need something to.

  2. LAND OF STORIES YAY IT ISNT UNPOPULAR I TOLD YOU KATIE! O.o did I say that out loud? I love the LOS books. I wonder if there’s a #3 coming out… @HPuterpop what do you mean “obtainable log in prizes”? Have the boys been getting something the girls haven’t? XD Actually, fishy, it’s like the stuff in a fire retardant, it’s just red. The planes open on the bottom and release that stuff over the fire and it goes out. And of course Wildfire is doing something crazy, they won and they got a statue. They can do whatever they want XD

    1. I think HP means the items you automatically get by logging in. (In this case, the LOS prizes). I guess he thinks that the guys’ costumes are usually better. XD

    2. Yeah, I love it too, but the problem is that I really want the Alex Bailey costume but I didn’t go on Poptropica on the right day!!!!!!!! So sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY TOOK CREDIT FOR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this too:the Survival Ep.4 (CABIN FEVER) medal is uploaded fully! Could it be coming the 17th?????????????????????????????????

  4. I turned that dress from the LOS ad into an Elsa costume. I just got rid the skirt and wand and replaced it with something else. It’s much better. 🙂

  5. can I just say its incredibly annoying that EVERYTIME in a common room someone waves a Land of Stories item and you’re in a game it makes you exit the game just to see the LOS logo?!?!? sorry for ranting but its extremely annoying XD

    1. Yes, that is annoying. Especially considering that the ad is new so that means a lot of people will customize the items while they can and use them in common rooms. It’s irritating!!!

  6. This is kinda off topic but on topic at the same time cause it’s about the movie Planes:

    I thought the first movie was terrible….. It was super boring and not funny at all and there were WAYYY too many plots and characters.

    And yah it was totally a spin off of cars.. Expect a trains and boats and hot air balloons and bikes lol 😛

    When I heard the second movie was coming out I was like “….what.” XD

    But lol about the flying on the plane named Dusty 🙂

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