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Creators’ Blog search bar, more episodes, & Creators wallpaper!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe! 😀

Creators’ Blog updates

You may have noticed that two new features have been added the Creators’ Blog recently. The first is a search bar, entitled “Search the Poptropica Blog”, which they haven’t had in a long time. You can now find it right under the Poptropica Merchandise ad in the sidebar.


Underneath the search bar is a new tag cloud entitled “Popular Posts” — the most popular tags include “Books”, “Comics”, “Your Dream Island”, and “Lego Cuusoo”. Neat! 😀


How many more episodes this year?

That was the question that PHB viewer Slippery Raptor asked the Creators via their Twitter. They replied with an unsure answer, but something to think about.


First of all, we don’t really know whether the Creators meant episodes or actual islands/episodic adventures. 6 – 12 islands is a bit much considering how we’re halfway through the year already.

The original question was “How many more islands will come this year since islands will be in episodes?”. He was asking how many episodic adventures would be completely released, forming an island. But, the question can be perceived to be asking how many episodes will be released. Either way, we have something puzzling.

We know for sure that there will be in total 8 episodes from the Survival and Mission Atlantis series. That said, it still doesn’t add up to 12. Could this mean that there will be more episodic adventures in the future? I’ve theorized before that there wouldn’t be any more episodic adventures after Survival and MA, but I’m starting to have doubts. Is this a good thing? Will we ever fully return to islands?

And what’s this about unexpected tech problems? That’s sort of worrying also.

Poptropican Creators Wallpaper

Remember the Poptropican Portraits Season 1 Finale Livestream, in which I drew three out of four of creators that you guys voted the highest as Poptropicans? While that is a mouthful, I still didn’t finish the last creator, Tracey West. So, I made a speed art video on my YouTube channel so you guys can get a taste of the making of her as well.

Afterwards, I put all of the creators that I had drawn together into a cool desktop wallpaper that you can view and download below. I hope you enjoyed the livestream!


You can also find more Poptropica fan art and more in the newly-released issue (#17!) of the PHB magazine, The POPCORN – just click here! 😀

The Poptropicast will be coming this Wednesday — get ready for 30 minutes of awesomeness. 😀


11 thoughts on “Creators’ Blog search bar, more episodes, & Creators wallpaper!”

  1. More episodic adventures are a bad thing in my opinion. My computer won’t let me open them, there’s too much anticipation, you have to wait for like the 5th episode before nm can play the 2nd one, and it’s just annoying. I don’t think it would be a good idea.

  2. Uuuh,I think you forgot to color in the right part of Jeff Kinney’s underwear…

    1. I agree. Smaller screen or not, the old islands were better in my opinion… Full screen is cool, but I’d take an awesome-playing island over NFI any day.

  3. That’s true XD but there are ads that members can get stuff from. 💡 such as the Planes:Fire And Rescue ad on Early Poptropica. Also, SD, what’s your username? I want to add you.

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