um, guise???/?

so ya look guise gg is the new author. treat him w respect i mean u nvr did this w us so y do it with gg? i personally accepted gg’s dialect and its worked out fine 4 me i mean sure i flunked a few tests @ skool but it doesnt really matter


so yea gamer guys teh boss now. show sum respect, ppl!!1

and also 4get propur grammer its liek soooo fun 2 tipe this wai!!!111!1 lol plus 4get about pooptropia its like so 2007 so ya stai poopin pooptropians i gess

30 thoughts on “um, guise???/?”

  1. What?! Oh my gosh, I think my heart stopped beating. WHY?! Ok, I’m never opening another whatever you call this blog email again, I CANT READ A WORD YOUR SAYING! I’m broken hearted! But I don’t know how to un subscribe 😦 WHY DID YOU DO THIS BLAKE?! WHY FISHY?! HAS HP GONE INSANE TOO?!?!

  2. LOL Nice April fool’s joke, but you didn’t get me. xD I was expecting this from the PHB. XD Although another site did get me real good, so ya XD

    1. This would be good report…. Gonna go tell all my friends gamer guys a faker. I broke the rules!!!!!! It’s only two more hours…. Till this thing is down for good!!!! C’mon guys lets hashtag!! #GamerGuysGoingDown!
      Anyways…. (Logs into poptropica) wait what does this say ? Blah blah blah… Poptropica is took down??!?! No no no no no … This can’t be happening !!! (Wakes up) oh thank goodness it’s a dream! (Checks poptropica) noooo!!!!! Lets see here …. How do I do this again?!?! I’m calling calm burger… Hey calm burger lets go hack the mfbhb!!! I’m mischievous…. Remember guys, #GamerGuysGoingDown!

  3. sorry now, im not going to the mfbhp anymore 😦 cause everything all about the mega fighting bots, i need to move on another blog, i want phb back 😦

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