APRIL FOOL’S, gamers and Mocktropicans!

In case you hadn’t guessed – rest assured, yesterday’s “Mega Fighting Bots Help Blog” tomfoolery was all part of an April Fool’s prank thrown together by the PHB team. Did we fool you? :mrgreen:

MFB April Fools

We loved Gamer Guy on the Creators’ Blog and decided to bring a taste of his atrocious spelling and grammar (not to mention his obsession with Mocktropica’s Mega Fighting Bots) over here to the PHB, and what better way than on the Day of Jokes? 😀

So in addition to a typo-ridden post, the comments section of said post was also flooded with both Mocktropicans standing by Poptropica’s side, as well as elite gamers espousing their favorite game, which of course can only be Mega Fighting Bots. I mean, kicking bots all day long? That’s the dream!

Several of the PHB authors were commenting as “Gamer Guy”, and we did our best to answer most of your comments, which we hope kept you entertained! 😆 Also, Blake made a post encouraging Gamer Guy’s arrival and admonishing all the haters, because, well, GG may have offended a few n00bs.

Plus, we’re not sure how many of you noticed, but we also fixed up a brand-new About page (as mentioned in GG’s post) to introduce ourselves as pro gamers (check it out!). 😉 And did you see Gamer Guy’s Gravatar profile?

And as you probably saw, we added a header for the MFBHB, changed to an MFB background, and turned the theme color gold to match it. Did you like the change? Not to worry, we’ve reverted back to the regular PHB graphics and are back to typing with proper grammar. 😛

We hope the prank didn’t scare you too badly!

love and robots from the gamer guys & girls!
<gamers fishy, tornadoee, tomato, fuzzy, wing, sam, blake, & puter>


40 thoughts on “APRIL FOOL’S, gamers and Mocktropicans!

  1. ★Brave Tomato ★ says:

    I swear going with this joke was killing my brain cells. Typing horribly is much harder than I thought. I was the one who replied to
    Comic Kid’s “is this a joke?”

    Huge Bite

    Yeah, I only posed for 3 comments but I was busy yesterday.

  2. ♬The Faithful Cool Octopus♬ says:

    Well, first of all am freak out of the joke of the creator but what happen to Gamer Guy from the phb list.

  3. JLBblue2003 says:

    Oh my gosh! You guys scared me half to death! I was about to quit this page til I saw this blog! OMG guys please don’t do that again you gave me a heart attack!

  4. Bad Wolf says:

    Who was playing Gamer Guy that I was talking to? lol also nice job PHB authors! That was pretty amusing and lit up my day c:

  5. Scary Plug says:

    Haha I checked out the PHB that day just to see if there’s any April Fool’s prank like the one you guys did a few years ago (Club Penguin Help Blog). 😛

    • poptropicasosship455 says:

      i was there that day, and it was my first time here and i said” what in the world happened!
      but, i just explored and the grammer was funny!

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