hi evry1, my name is gamer guy and i got on dis blog to hlp other peple while plying the awesme gme, MEGA FIGHTING BOTS!!11!1 😀 heres a pic of teh handsum me! 😎


ok anywayz i kno wat ur thinkin, “umm i thot dis wuz da poptropica help blog, wut hppend??” well i got those silly PHB kids to let me onto dis blog so i cud cnvert all of u to da MFB fandumb. >:D dnt worry, they sed its ok. so frm now on, we r not the PHB anymoar, cos dis shal b teh MFBHB: MEGA FIGHTING BOTS HELP BLOG!11!!1 😀 cue epic MFB music!!!


i dnt care wht peple say abut me being a noob or wutevarr, becuzz MEGA FIGHTING BOTS is thee best game EVARRR!1!!! :mrgreen: and u no wat? pooptropca is 4 n00bs!! real gamerz ply MEGA FIGHTING BOTS ONLY!11!! so go to MEGAFIGHTINGBOTS.COM rite nao, cuz dats wat all da cool kids r plying!!112!3 u get to b a robot and u kill other robots, its totes fun!!11!! yeah!!! lol

plz follow dis blog n like my postss ok?? btw plz tlk 2 me in da commentsss, i bet i hav loads of fanz here cuz i was on da pooptropca creators blog b4, until dat n00b captun crawface kickd me out 😡 wutevarrr, who cares abut him anywayz, hes probs either cryin or hidin in a corner becuzz ppl always want to eat him cuz hes a tasty lil crawfishy, hehe >:D

anywayz, i alredy fixed teh about page on dis blog to reflect teh new leadrshp (me) + our new vision (MFB!! <3) teh other PHB MFBHB bloggers r alredy on board with dis, u can read all their bios here. ive ben 2 busy plyin MFB to do anythng abut all teh other pooptropca pages on here, but wutevarr~ 🙄


gamer guy out!!


    1. did u evn read anything i wrote?? dis is no longer teh phb!! its teh mfbhb!! 😡 r u “pooptropcans” alwys so silly?!?

  1. yey!!!poptropica iz still better mfb have no chance lol!!!1!!!1 but anyway welcome 2 the phb!!!!1!!!!! or should i say mfbhb 😛
    @PHB: This is an April Fool’s joke, right? *sees through corner of the eyes* xD

    1. how dare u say such a thing?! u clearly dont no wat ur talkin abut!! do u think im JOKIN AROUND?! teh only “april fool” here is u!! 😡

      but ty 4 teh welcom ❤

      1. i shaved it off, obviously!!! it was gettin difficult to chug my valley rain while using my game controllr at teh same time!11!! u wuldnt understnd, i dont think u evn no wat its lik 2 hav a beard!

  2. Finally, somebody agrees. I will come here every day to get tips on MFB instead of that dumb ‘Poptropica’ game. Good luck, Gamer Guy!!!!!!11!!one!1!!

    1. tha only jke hre iz hw mch u n00bz stll weep bout pooptropiac!!!! ths blg iz now bout mfb!!!! if u dnt leik it, shm on u!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!

  3. (Throws chair at wall) noooooooooooo!!!!!!! Wait a minute… (Checks calender) it April fools day!!!! Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown that chair……. Anyways guys gamer guy is a fake!!!!!! We all know Poptropica is the best!!!!!! Mega fighting bots home page says coming soon!!!! Your typing is terrible and you have not a brain….. To even notice the mega fighting bots coming soon….. I better go save trusty tooth because Its April fools day and my friend says she hacking into it. That’s ok because the worst she could do is complete a island on there. Anyways gamer guy you are terrible!!!
    Happy April Fools Day!

      1. noway, ths is real, they told me it was… WAIT R TEY JOKING!?!?!?!?!?!1!/!?!?!?/ and wat do u do mean its coming soon?! MFB haz been out since mocktropica u silly pooptropcan!!!11!//

      1. ik liek those newb pooptropicans just run n’ jump n’ crap. i mean wat gamerz play sum dum game liek dat. liek i mad 2 hashtags 4 dis moment. #ILovMFB #PooptropicaSuks

      2. now if u excuze meh ima go chug valley rain while wtching schweet and totes hawt animeh. dem bronyehs who watch dat crap Mah Littel Poneh on dah interweb forms wunt hide from meh.

    1. ths iz talking nrmal, u n00b!!!!! ive been typng 4 i dnt no hw many years nd it has improvd!! i dnt evn look @ my keyboard cuz im a pro!!!!!!!!1!!!

  4. ohh, i get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! it april 1st, APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good joke gamer hyr. at least, i hope it’s a joke. it’s a joke, right? RIGHT?:(

      1. I kinda wish it would stay as it was for awhile longer lol I was beginning to enjoy it! xD

  5. This is a really great joke! Haha I really hope it is a joke because if it’s still like this tomorrow I will cry in the corner eating chocolate ice cream… By the way gamer guy what’s your favorite game besides MFB? One of my favorite games is the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

    1. JOKE?! y cant ppl take this srsly?!!1 and i dont hav a fav game “besides MFB”!! MFB is my life!!11!! evrythin els is irrelvnt!!11!

  6. Gamer Guy,

    If this is not an April Fool’s Joke,how come the name of this website is the same?If you call me a noob i will call 911 straight away or sue you!BY THE WAY,go to and it will say coming soon.P.S You’re ruining this blog!

    1. its’ chnaged
      i didnt fully chnage teh whol blog yet
      but u can play mfb on
      it doesnt say comin soon, silly!!

      1. lol im sorry ty for not changing the whole blog!P.S Mega Fighting Bots Rules!MFB FOREVER.u rock

  7. looool mfb may col and al dat but pop wil alwys be de bst!!!11!!1! mfb is nothin compared to pop! hahahaha n00bs

  8. Guys, it’s April Fool’s Day! That isn’t gamer guy (can’t you tell because of the crappy avatar?) and the person who we THOUGHT was GG had good spelling, so this one would too. But if this isn’t a joke, and my only smart theory is wrong, I’m going to un subscribe to this blog. MFB sucks and Poptropica is way better, we all know that. And I’m on my schools debate team, so just try to argue with me -_-

    1. “crappy avatar”!??? ill hav u kno my own mother constntly tels me how handsum i am!!1 and who can b bothred 2 hav good spellin?!! its 2 much effrt, plus typin lik dis is way cooler!!1 how dare u insult me! im teh best gamer in teh world!11!!

      1. … Is your mother blind? Yes I went there!!!!! And no your not. My brother is. Seriously. I can’t even describe how good he is at it XD

    1. how dare u try 2 imperson8 me?! at lest i hav teh decncy 2 go out of my room evry 1nce in a while 2 get a tan and shave!!1! its called persnl hyginne u faker!!

      o yes pokemon is v cool but not as awsum as MEGAFIGHTINGBOTS!!11!

      1. two gamer guys?! why is there two?
        Speeding spike: llelelelellelelelellelelelellelelele- *faints*
        copy cat: I DON’T KNOW!
        Ned Noodlehead: *takes glasses off* mother of zeus….

  9. No, you’re wrong, Gamer Guy. Minecraft is WAYY better than MFB will ever be lol.

      1. No, Minecraft issssss. However, my sssssssspecies is pretty annoying, but you get to play with friends, build sssssstuff and fight monssssssters! Do you get that in Poptropica? Either way, MegaFightingBotsssss isss IMPOSSSSSSSSSIBLE!


      2. Um, you do know that it wassssss a gag just for that Mocktropica Island, right? LOL 😛

  10. LOL skeptic me is skeptic about this………happy april fools day, chaps.

  11. Um,very intersting Gamer Guy I am wait forward to your to you post and help out.

      1. Ik the user but can’t tell as it would be a complete giveaway to who it really is.

    1. i dnt understnd wat ur sayin LULA4SCHMIDT!!
      “u dnt gg at all”?!
      well, good game!! dats wat gg means!! theyr also my initials!!

    1. r u ok LULA4SCHMIDT?!
      1st u say i “dnt gg at all”, wuteva dat means, and now ur buzzin & echoing!!
      perhps u shud chck ur vocal chords!!

      1. Mmm hmmm. Ok, if you’re who I think you are, I am not amused. And you are NOT Kyle Fox.

    1. if u dnt understnd ME, how r u evr gonna survive in teh gamin world?? real gamerz dnt hv time 2 spll out evry singl word u kno!!

    1. lol!! u seem to thnk dis is funny!!
      megafightingbots is only 4 teh most sirius gamers, bad wolf.
      i do not thnk u r quite reddy 4 it.

      1. lol!! Actually it was quite amusing indeed in my opinion. xD

        lol then it’s for me because I am a serious and competitive gamer. c:< Also thanks for warning me but I'm good. ;D

      1. Dude, you do realize that when we controlled Bucket Bot, we kicked everyone’s butts?

    1. *Right now im a stupid buckethead* *gets a oval head and body* Yay! Im a poptropican! MFB was lame anyways… you can call me a n00b Idc… 😀

  12. actually im not going to the mfbphb now, i really want themphb to come back 😦
    i miss you phb

  13. please dont tell me this is the same as the thingy club penguin help chat blog 😀

    1. No, I refuse to adopt your awful spelling and grammar, noob. Go back to your darkened room in Zomberry.

    2. aBSOLUTELY nOT!! i need my gamin consoles!!
      aND HOW DARE U CALL ME A NOOB?! im teh best gamer tere is!! 😡

      1. Fine, we’ll restart the zombie apocalypse, leave you in your darkened room, and “acciedentally” leave the window open.

      2. pooptropca literlly CREATED n00bs.
        their only shining moment wuz wen MFB took over.

      3. Noobs were around even before Poptropica. When Poptropica was made, it meant that if you don’t play Poptropica, you’re a noob.

  14. Let us compare the advantages an disadvantages of Poptropica AND MFB-


    1.Poptropica allows safe interactivity between users, whereas MFB has no interactivity at all.
    2.MFB has no meaningful goals,(i.e.- just fight and reach the top) while on the other hand Poptropica has all and more rewards than the MFB, which prompts users to finish islands, giving it a meaningful purpose/goal.
    3.Poptropica relies more on brain than on brawn, rather than the opposite in MFB.


    1.MFB has more fighting, which leads to more popularity within the worldwide population.

    So I can safely conclude that the obvious answer is that the advantages of Poptropica outnumber the advantages of MHB 3-1.

    P.S.- The MFB was a ruse created by Poptropica ( See Pop. Creators Blog – Monday, January 6, 2014) as a part of Mocktropica, so all credit goes to the creators.)

    If anyone has any reason to add to this post, PLEASE REPLY.

    And if the Gamer Guy ( No offense) calls me a noob, i don’t care.

    1. hello hello

      I. advntges of pooptropca:
      1. none
      2. none
      3. none

      II. advntges of mfb:
      1. BEING A ROBOT!!
      3. KILlING ROBOTS!!

      i thnk teh clear winnr here is OBVISLY MFB!!

      and ya, i mite as well say it: ur a noob.

      1. MFB’s a fad. The Poptropica Dynasty will last forever. I, quite literally, will have a job because I sent a letter to Poptropica. Now after college they want me to work with them!

      2. MFB is mor thn just a fad; its a lifestyle!! its a supr fun game!! but its only 4 teh elite playas – NOT U OBVISLY!! pooptropca wants 2 hire u just bc u sent a letter?! dats it?! WOW do tey hav low requrmnts or smthing?!

        at least MFB isnt just 4 ANY1, u hav 2 actually have madskillz 2 play it.

      3. They called my ideas and drawings “The most creative things they had ever received from a Poptropican”

      4. that is not teh same thng as gettin a job, but watevr.
        good4u, i guess.
        shame u couldn’t enjoy mfb for wat it is.

    1. excuse u, OFC i m real!! i evn sed i was on teh poopcreators blog in my post, wich u obvsly didnt evn read, or u’d kno, silly!!

  15. lol gg mfb’s the best hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ❤
    how long r u gona stay h3r3??? just asking mfb rulez!
    and dat crawface is such a n00b haha lol ikr?!?!

    1. lol who knows, i seem 2 hav a lot of haterz here tho 😦
      yea ikr captun crawface got rid of teh best gamer evr on his gamin site?? i mean srsly who does tht – wat a n00b!!

      1. lol why woud people hate U???? ur awesum cuz u like mfb the awsumest game in the universe!!!!11!!

    1. im glad u asked!! well here r teh basics of mfb: u use ur arrow keys 2 move ur robot and ur goal is 2 smash teh other robot until its ded!! make sure ur helth and energy bars r all good so u dont die. gd luck out tere silly pelican!! 😀

  16. Wait a minute,MFB IS MADE BY POPTROPICA!dont u see how the cursor looks like?ITS POPTROPICA’S GAME!

    1. And please brother (his name is Abe H. Peanut), you don’t realize! This is not Glorious MFB Master Race and Dirty Poptropican Peasants land! This is Glorious MFB AND Poptropica Master Race! Today, my fellow Poptropicans, must unite both worlds as ONE!


      P.S. I know its an April Fools joke. Sorry for being teh latez.

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