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App updates, NPC advancements, and hair-raising ads

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Get ready to be hit by a ton of updates…

Poptropica iPad App Updates

I have a lot of things to go over concerning the Poptropica iPad App. First of all, it’s coming out for Androids and iPhones soon! Pixel first posted about it on his blog, getting the info from Poptropica Official Twitter, but the info page for the app also houses the fact:


This means that, if I’m not beat to it by someone else, I’ll be able to make a review of the app soon! 😀 And, if you haven’t noticed, the Poptropica homepage now has a bunch of NPCs running by — with iPads in their hands! 😛 There are rumors that there is a hidden code in the app to redeem the iPad handheld, but rest assured, these are all rumors! No one really has any code.


And if that wasn’t enough, the Main Theme for the app has been uncovered on the Behind the Scenes page! Such melodic awesomeness. 😛 Jeff Heim also uploaded a new track to his Soundcloud — the Super Power Island Main Theme! You might recognize it from the app trailer.

You may also run into a survey link when you log in – but if you say that you don’t have an iPad, the survey abruptly ends. 😛

100 Times the Charm on Early Poptropica

My friend Pixel (whom I mentioned earlier, isn’t he on the ball? 😛 ) and I recently hit 100 replays on Early Poptropica. If you don’t believe us, my username is “puterpop”, and his is private — but you can check out the picture below for proof. I stopped at a 100, he went on and accomplished bigger feats. 😛

147timesme 200pix

And speaking of medallions, the Survival Island – Episode 1 medallion has been added!


New NPCs

I might just be going crazy, but auto-generated NPCs (like on the Main Street of Early Poptropica) have been looking a little more complex lately. I think they’ve been updated with new clothing — the combinations are just different. Take a look and decide for yourself —


Now, think about it; have you ever seen an NPC (non-player character) with freckles, or those neat glasses that the first one has? Have you ever seen the 6th one’s kind of hair on an NPC — have your ever seen it anywhere, actually? Look at their mouths — they’re supposed to be generated by the start page’s options. NPCs are becoming more advanced, so it seems. What do you think?

The Poptropica Police Network


I just want to mention a current blog project I’m working on called the Poptropica Police Network. It’s different than any other blog, and I’d be really glad if you could check it out. 🙂

I’m currently hosting a contest there for the 1,000 hits that we just achieved. I hope you can participate! 😀

Check out everything else about the blog on these posts. 😉


Advertisement Updates: Mixels & Muppets

You may have heard about the new LEGO Mixels ad on Poptropica, but in addition to the two Mixel powers you get by going into the advertisement building, there’s also a costumizable Mixel Mask (alliteration ftw) card, featuring three different Mixels – grey, yellow, red:


I gotta say — these masks are pretty cool! They make up for the shabby “power” cards you can find in the building. 😛

You can also get the new Constantine Criminal Power by watching the trailer for the “Muppets: Most Wanted” movie. I found the ad on Time Tangled Island. When you press the “Steal Hair” button, a clip from the movie plays, then it cuts back to the screen.

You’ll now have a mole and suitcase, while everyone else on the page has a lack of hair! Hey, Muppets? Have you been getting ideas from Poptropica? 😛


What’s really cool is that you can press Ctrl+Shift+S (not on SUIs), which changes your skin color but lets you keep the mole and suitcase forever! It does something strange in the Costumizer, however. 😛


Also, don’t press Ctrl+Shift+S if you don’t want to lose your original skin color. If you do mistakenly change your skin color, you can always change it via the Colorizer card in the store. 😉

So, yeah. I hope you enjoyed this… thing. 😛 If you did, tell me in the comments!

And the meme of the day is…



30 thoughts on “App updates, NPC advancements, and hair-raising ads”

    1. And if this is the reason my blog’s hits are increasing, then I have to say
      ‘Give that blogger a cookie. Now.’
      P/S (this is off-topic, sorry): Wut da heck happened to WordPress smilies?!

  1. I like the new clothing and hair that the new NPCs have! I really want those glasses the first one has. 😛

  2. Glad to know other devices have not been forgotten! That means I can actually play with the Poptropica app soon! 😀

    Btw, very impressive island replay counts, HP & Pixel! 🙂

  3. No fair! I wanted the app for iPod touches! 😡 I didn’t get the meme. Can you explain it? And what if you change the skin color but you don’t have a colorizer? Lastly, would pressing those keys (as stated for the mole and suitcase thing) work for all ad costumes? Follow up: do you have to have a closet for it to work?

    1. 1. The meme is a reference to the popular Doge Meme that the Poptropica community likes to reference. ;p
      2. If you change your skin color without the colorizer, you’ll have to buy the colorizer! 😛 or use ctrl+shift+s again to change your skin color until you’re satisfied.
      3. Well, no. You see, the mole and suitcase dissapears when you go to the next room becuase its connected to the power, but when you chang eyour skin color it saves it to your costume. 😉
      And no, I don’t think so.

  4. HP, I tried to get the iPad with dev tool, but it’s embedded into the Flash Application, and so I think we’ll have to look through the servers somehow or guess the name to get it.

  5. Hey poptacular poptropicans! You what tomorrow is, right? Monster Carnival comes out to all!!!!! I am having a party on Saturday and Sunday in the monster carnival common room at 4:00 pm USA time . I am having the party for our very long wait of 6 years!!! Can you believe that?? Anyways it’s also a good get together with you poptropicans!!!! Who knows. I might be recording this and posting it on my account!! Have fun with the monsters tomorrow people!!!!!
    One Trusty Tooth, Always Trusty Tooth


    1. Its a random sequence of numbers made up by me. Once you find something you think is the code, you can submit it in the contact form. But, I think you’ll be pretty sure that you have the right code if you have the right code. ;p

    1. I was actually thinking for the code123456789101112131415 like when you first sign up for poptropica you choose your age and stuff idk if that’s the code though

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