To introduce the new ad, that’s what I’m here to do…

…and it really makes me happy, to introduce to you…


muppets ad

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, and today’s post is on the new Muppets Most Wanted video ad! All you have to do is watch the movie trailer, and you’ll get the Kermit Spirit Hoodie:


Also, it says to come back next week for the Constantine Criminal Power! This power looks like it steals the hair of other Poptropicans, so it looks like either a) it’s useful for uncostumizable hair, or b) we get to be Director D. Oh wait. I’m still flailing. *stops flailing* Sorry, avid Muppets fan here.

UPDATE: The Constantine Criminal Power is now available on the ad – just watch the video to get it! Though all it does is give you a mole and a briefcase…

Screenshot 2014-03-14 at 1.32.57 PM

I myself attended an advance screening of Muppets Most Wanted. I would give you pics, but I’m under pure contract not to reveal anything. Blake out! *poof*

9 thoughts on “To introduce the new ad, that’s what I’m here to do…”

  1. Sorry if I’m going of topic, but since disney made the muppets takeover, club penguin is having a party for it! Again, sorry for going off topic.

  2. OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS I LOVE THE MUPPETS! If I didn’t have a history test tomorrow I’d be on it right now.

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