Get the all-new Poptropica iPad app for free!

Not long after the Creators announced that Poptropica would be coming to iPad, guess what? Poptropica came to iPad! The app is now available on the iTunes Store, and to top off the good news, it’s FREE! So what are you waiting for? (To get your hands on an iPad? Yeah, me too. 😛 )

That fancy promo animation was created by Tyson Burnham, who, as it turns out, works as a motion graphic designer for Poptropica! He has animated for Poptropica in the past, creating island trailers and other cool stuff, and you can check out a recent highlight reel of his work in another YouTube video. 🙂

As for the iPad app, it’s got 24 Carrot and Time Tangled so far, with more islands on the way – and yes, it’s just like the online version we know and love. It features the same art, the new soundtracks, up to 3 customizable characters, and more – details are on the app’s official info page. But as you may have noticed in the trailer video (around the 0:26 mark) or in the App Store’s screenshots, the iPad version comes with a new “Tutorial Island” (or “welcome scene”):

Yes, that’s the “Tutorial Island” HPuterpop uncovered in his sneak peek in the latest issue of our PHB magazine, which was just published last week! This little quest covers the basics of the app’s gameplay, and you’ll collect Medallion Shards along the way, right until you’ve got your whole Tutorial Island Medallion all pieced together.

And if you’ve been paying attention to some semi-recent PHB posts, this probably dispels the rumors of a Sky Island or Asgard Island, seeing as the very “island/castle in the sky” imagery we’ve been seeing in the Daily Pop has been implemented here. Thanks for crushing our dreams, Creators. (Just kidding, we still love you guys. But not everyone has an iPad.)

pop on ipad

Anyway, iPad owners, how’s the game been for you? Do share your thoughts in the comments so we can hear about how awesome it is! 😀 Or, tell us what other devices you’d want to play Poptropica on.

38 thoughts on “Get the all-new Poptropica iPad app for free!”

  1. Asgard Island would have been so awesome. 😛
    Me neither, I don’t have an iPad… it seems like they’ve been preparing for this for some time, and SUIs might be generally for the app.

  2. I finished the game. But it took me a couple tries to get the Peace Medal in Time Tangled Island, I was having a bit of a hard time jumping there.

      1. To those who have the app- What is your overall review of it? I want to know what it`s like since I can`t get it… :c

  3. I just checked the creator’s blog,and here’s what I found about the poptropica app:
    Play Poptropica® anywhere! Explore and solve Poptropica Island quests anywhere you might be with your tablet.
    Create a Poptropican, then start exploring the world of Poptropica. Travel to each Island to help solve the mysteries that await, then collect your gold medallion when you’ve completed the task!
    The Poptropica App is currently available for iPad® with support in the near future for iPhone® and Android™ devices.

  4. whoa, whoa, whoa ,whoa, WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. my characters name is sporty speck and he looks similar to that!

  5. I love the app? But the problem is I can’t wait for more islands, cause I felt like I repeated the 3 islands 100000000000 times each

  6. I would like to see it come out for the Ps4. I love the game and the app sucks. You can’t log into your previous account! I bought a membership and it’s worthless because I don’t have computer. But if they did make it for the Ps4 but you could log into your previous account, I would defiantly buy it.

  7. Yeah I mean is it really that hard to get more islands? I mean seriously it’s not a very fun app anymore sines I’ve completed all the islands. I’ll have to wait till they get more. 😦

    Slanted Fish: To be fair, re-coding each island for the app probably takes quite some work. 😛

  8. I cant get the knight armor in time tangled. The glider doesn’t work.There is also greek mythology island and 2 more.Plz help with the knight armour in time tangled.

  9. How do I get more island on poptropica app?

    Slanted Fish: If you have the most updated version of the app, the islands that are there are all the ones available.

  10. Why can’t the app be just like the computer version. Once you’re done with all the islands, there’s nothing else to do. Playing on the phone is way better than on the computer in my opinion.

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