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The Missing Link: Asgard

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Some other bloggers and I have covered many different possibilities for new islands this year. I’ve put together a list, and I think you should read it before going on;

Have you read through them? Good. I bet you recognized 3 out of 4 of those islands from our prediction posts, or from Poptropica itself. But the last one made you make a double take. Why didn’t I include Fuzzy B’s “Atmos Island” or “Twisted Twice Island”? Because there will not be an Atmos or Twisted Twice Island. It’s been under our noses for far too long.

The picture above is a Daily Pop from 2011. The title of the post is “To Valhalla” and the description reads “Could this be the setting of a new Island?”

In Norse mythology, Valhalla (from Old NorseValhöll “hall of the slain”) is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin… Before the hall stands the golden tree Glasir, and the hall’s ceiling is thatched with golden shields. Various creatures live around Valhalla, such as the stag Eikþyrnir and the goat Heiðrún, both described as standing atop Valhalla and consuming the foliage of the tree Læraðr. Read More

Ok, so you think because of a Daily Pop 3 years ago that Asgard island is going to be a thing now? Wait a minute, people — there’s more to the story.

You may know about Asgard to an extent. According to Norse mythology, Asgard is one of the nine worlds of the gods. If you don’t care, let me remind you that Thor himself comes from this mythology! It is ruled by Odin, and it is floating. Yes, floating above the earth. It is made up of castles in the sky.

Need I say more? The next Poptropica island after Monster Carnival very well may be Asgard Island (or something similar). All I know is that the island is going to be based on Norse mythology. Below are some Daily Pops (and non-Pop Norse mythology pictures) that are probably connected to Asgard Island. And remember that this is just a theory (although still a pretty plausible one 😛 ):

So what do you think? Tell me in the comments! 😀


19 thoughts on “The Missing Link: Asgard”

  1. I agree! And Valhalla was the Norse mythology heaven, just as Greeks had the underworld. Speaking of which, Greek mythology island, Norse mythology island, Chinese Island with facts in it, they HAVE to do an Egyptian one next!!! Id flip if they did that!!!! 😀

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