PHB Sneak Peeks

PHB Sneak Peeks: Mapping out Real Life Poptropicans!

EDIT: The site redirects to Poptropica now… they must’ve seen this post.

Hey everyone! HP found something really cool today and told me to post about it! If you visit this link, you’ll find Google Maps on a Poptropica page, but tailored for Poptropica. It’s called Poptropica Visitor Map (or “Poptropica Birth Announcements” on your tab).


(I was looking around on it, and the pic at my house was my dad and I working on a floodlight while my neighbor’s yard was torn out… great picture of our house though xD).

Anyway, it seems to be for showing where and when Poptropica accounts are being born, and although it’s not fully operational yet, maybe it will be soon. So far, it seems to be stuck on just one random Poptropican: Tiny Leaf, born in Thorn Hill, TN.


In my personal opinion, this might be too much personal info… I don’t want someone stalking me! xD I hope Poptropica comes out with a more discreet way of making this work, though, because I think this is really cool!


41 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Mapping out Real Life Poptropicans!”

      1. I’m outside and they didn’t blur out my face O_O. First time ever I’ve seen anything on google maps with a person’s face and of course it’s me. My dad is turned around….Lucky xD

  1. I remember finding this a while back, but I thought everyone knew about it and it was just old and outdated, therefore broken. But Great job, hp, and im sure your method of finding stuff is way more awesome and easy then mine is…

      1. The actual images on the map may have, but the map was still created long ago, and nothing really changed besides the images.

      1. Do you think the creators want to know what you look like?? o.o
        That would be really creepy…

  2. I found my house, this is so freaky! Now I have this feeling that there are microscopic cameras everwhere, taking pictures of my every day moves. As of right now, I’m taking a tour inside White House using the map… O_O

      1. Oh, well… 😦 On the bright side though, I got to use it while it was there, having a creator read your post is pretty cool, and now no one can currently stalk us!

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