Future Island, stickers, and more

Hi Gs,

Who likes stickers? Are you questioning where I’m going with this?

This post may seem very uncertain, but please stick with me to the end. Here is the premise: I happened to look up Poptropica Books on Amazon one day perhaps a week ago. All the normal, released books came up until I got to the end of the list. Two new books without any covers sat there. Their names were “Poptropica: Future Island”, and “Ultimate Sticker Collection: Poptropica”.

Now, before you go looking up those books, I have to clarify something: Future Island is no longer there. It disappeared the day that the Creators announced the two new Poptopic books. Sadly, I don’t have anything but a memory of it; and you’ll just have to take my word for it! ๐Ÿ˜›

But first, about this sticker collection: it’s scheduled to be released July 21, 2014. Here’s the description:

Welcome to the fantastical world ofย Poptropicaยฎ withย Ultimate Sticker Collection: Poptropicaยฎ! Kids will explore the Islands and meet the colorful characters. They can re-create scenes from their adventures online or create exciting new ones with more than 1,000 full-color fun stickers. Full of fun facts and interesting information about kids’ favorite virtual world, Poptropica, the fun will never end with this new ultimate sticker collection from DK!

Now, back to Future Island — this is the major question; is this going to be an actual island? All I know is that none of the recent SUIs have been made into books. It was scheduled to be released sometime in August, and there was no description. Time Tangled Island already has a section of time dedicated to the future, so this would be a little more than unoriginal. The Creators are rumored to be running out of ideas (Dream Island Contest then Monster Carnival), so is this possible? And could they release a book based on the island the same year the island is released?

Further more, futureisland.com leads to an error page… but it was made in 2007, the same year “poptropica.com” was made. It may be a subdomain of Poptropica that hasn’t been finalized yet. No solid proof, but just something to think about.

So what do you think? Is Future Island an upcoming island? Leave your ideas and theories in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚ And in relation to Fuzzy B’s latest post, could Future Island be about ruin coming to our beloved islands in the future?


20 thoughts on “Future Island, stickers, and more”

  1. Interesting theories and findings, HP! Future Island would be a very fun and interesting island, in my opinion. The sticker book also looks amazing; I happen to have an obsession with stickers. xD

  2. I want the sticker book!!! =D
    You know, if you say “sticker” a bunch of times, it starts to sound weird! Sticker sticker sticker sticker sticker sticker sticker sticker sticker…

  3. I got 2 things to say
    On-topica: I can SOOO imagine a Binary Bard sticker XD
    Off-topica: Be on the look out for Silver Star in common rooms! She kinda
    looks like Curious Bee from Bt’s series(sorry if i seem to be copying you, BT)

    sorry for being off-topica

  4. I know “Future Island” is kinda a Time Tangled repeat, but I think I’d still enjoy it. Mostly because it seems that it would be going into more detail about the future. In Time Tangled Island, you spend most of your time in the past.

  5. Future Advertisements, Not stickers, and no more

    Name: Peabody And Sherman – Type: Quest – Item Cards: 2 – XML: http://static.poptropica.com/game/data/custom/PeabodyAndShermanQuest/campaign.xml

    Name: Galactic Hot Dogs (Yes, a new one is expected to come soon!) – Type: Guest –
    Item Cards: 3 – XML: http://static.poptropica.com/game/data/custom/PeabodyAndShermanQuest/campaign.xml

    Judging that there is no Xml assigned (as I can tell so far) for cards 2508, and 2509 nor is there actual cards made for any yet, be expecting another advertisement along with the other two, to be coming along soon!

  6. You know, if the creators ARE running out of ideas, we don’t have to wait for an island contest to give them some ideas. We could mail or email them ideas about what an island could be about, and the creators might use bits and pieces of them!

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