Daily Pop, Monster Carnival Island

Carnival Crazy and more Daily Poppin’

With Monster Carnival Island set to be released sometime this month (can you believe it?!), the Creators wanted to remind us that the MCI wallpaper & poster are available on the Tour page – but of course you already knew that, right? What we really want are more sneak peeks

These are from the Daily Pop, and they look like they might belong in the carnival. But there are also some sneak peeks with not-so-certain origins… such as this snowy landscape* that looks like it’s part of the winter wonderland mentioned in Fuzzy-B’s post. One of the winter pics in his post contains a bird – perhaps related to these bird character sketches (pictured below)? And what of this wilderness survival book* – will we be going on another forest adventure anytime soon?

*a couple of these Daily Pops haven’t been released yet, but they will be – if you’re interested in how to discover Daily Pops a day or so early, check out our Behind the Scenes page! 🙂

Finally, here’s another reminder that we are looking to publish your Poptropica stories, island ideas, fan art, and more for the next issue of The Poptropican’s 911, coming out in March! Please email your entries to poptropican911(at)gmail.com (replace at with @), and refer to our Magazines page for more details. For inspiration, check out our most recent Pop magazine issue!

4 thoughts on “Carnival Crazy and more Daily Poppin’”

  1. I’ve had a feeling for some time now that a camp sort of island is coming up. 😛 If you look through some of the older Daily Pops, they seem to hint that.

      1. Lol, I had a dream the other night about all of these daily pops, and it was announced that the new island would be about Ant Kings and Queens. And I’m not kidding. xD 😛

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