Forgotten Islands

But man, they made it 99 cents!

*bursts out into awesome Macklemore rap that none of you will ever get to see*

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here with a quaint little piece of Poptropica news. Forgotten Islands – Poptropica’s first iOS game – is now 99 cents on the App Store! That’s a whole $4 deducted from the original price!ย *The Wheels on the Bus plays as trumpets sound*

Timmy, track SEVEN! *SORRY!*

*2001: A Space Odyssey plays as a giant wooden sculpture of the app’s icon rises from a slit in the ground*


*smoke machines surround the icon as it rises up*

Yes, yes. Now you can explore Poptropica’s Forgotten Islands in your very own home, such as in these wonderful places… *points to blank Jumbotron*

Timmy, I TOLD you to have the ad playing for after I did my monologue! *SORRY!*

*the Poptropica: Forgotten Islands ad plays on Jumbotron*

Well, yeah. Big buildup for a little thing. Oh yeah, and if you want to check out what the game is like, take a look at the PHB’s full walkthrough for Forgotten Islands, with pictures! I have to go fire Timmy now, so stay popping, Poptropicans! *spotlight falls on me as I walk out*

Timmy, I TOLD you to use the NYLON rope! *SORRY!*

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