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Nightmares of the Carnival & release of Poptropica Labs

Hi Gs,

The Poptropica Creators have really been piling it on lately — first Mocktropica, then Mythology SUI, then Poptropica Labs, and now Monster Carnival Island!

mci logo copy

Just after I posted that gif of Thirsty Whale deleting MCI. Perfect timing. This island is old but new. If you want the whole story of Monster Carnival Island, be sure to check out the PHB article where we explain the happenings. One thing about it; the mystery of Monster Carnival will be solved very soon. ย In fact, it’s coming out next month!

I realize that this is theย first prediction I made that has come true. Which is sorta sad. xD Personally, I am really excited for this. I never would have guessed it (until just about two weeks ago, when the Daily Pops became suspicious.) I have high expectations, and I have faith that this will be awesome!!

What I don’t get is that in the teaser trailer, the ringmaster*ย is wearing a Mardi Gras mask, that was already proven to be for Night Watch. Will this be about Mardi Gras as well? Or is it not a mask? O.o

*I say that this is a ringmaster because 1) they generally wear a top hat, and 2) the cape is also a general ring master accessory. Just check out theย preliminary sketch for MCI’s ringmaster. Pretty similar.


Also, there’s the question of sound or no sound. One thing unique about the teaser trailer is that at the end, where the logo is shown, something is not shown. It has been shown in the newest islands trailers thus far:

nowwithsound nowwithsound2

They both have the text below them saying “Now with sound”. The MCI trailer does not have that in it. There is a chance that they didn’t put it in because this is just the teaser, and there’s also a chance that the “Now with sound” phrase is obsolete, since everyone has sorta gotten used to it. But what if it wasn’t that? ย What if they’re releasing Monster Carnival classic?

It would sure be a tribute! Would you enjoy it? Or would it be a nightmare?

Also, a heads up to the Daily Pop on Monday:

Just trash the place, why don’t you.

“We’ll eat you up, we love you so!” – Maurice Sendak. That’s how I feel about Poptropica at the moment. But MCI will take us down a different route. Instead of being wild things, we will save them!

In other news that’s not so scary, the card for Poptropica Labs just came out in the Store, and it’s currently for members only.

I want to let you know I am aware of it, and will be posting a review of it soon nextย week. ๐Ÿ˜‰


21 thoughts on “Nightmares of the Carnival & release of Poptropica Labs”

  1. Hmm.. IDK if I’d want it to come out as an SUI or not. I think (if they’re making it an SUI) the music that they may use would be awesome. However I somewhat miss the classic islands. They’re less glitchy, they run faster, etc. So if they DO make MCI an SUI, I hope it’s worth it.
    But still, this is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’ve played Poptropica Labs ( a bit) and I think it’s pretty cool. But it could be better. Basically, in the beginning it’s like you appear in a place with 100 coins and there’s different types of places. You can raise and lower the water level or spawn these little things that jump around. These cost coins, and the only free things are the ground bombs, so you can lower the ground level to get more money. There’s also wood, stone, glass and brick materials, plus the air chute things from Steamworks Island. There’s also the pillars and blocks from Shark Tooth Island. You can also resize items and the materials are used by drawing a rectangle, like if you have a PC and you highlight stuff on your desktop with the mouse. I think that it should have more items though, because there’s only about 30.

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