Monster Carnival Island

Monster Carnival confirmed as the next Poptropica Island!

Haha! Finally! You guys were right! It’s the dream of Poptropicans everywhere, the island we’ve all been waiting for – and it will be ready starting February 2014

After all these (five!) years, it’s finally happened. The great mystery of Monster Carnival Island will be revealing itself. Hallelujah! This is going to be VERY exciting.

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71 thoughts on “Monster Carnival confirmed as the next Poptropica Island!”

      1. 😛 I commented that before I found out something… You’ll be writing it I suppose… I can’t… If they do Early Access, because I had to cancel my Membership… It expires on January 25th.

  1. The time has come for all Poptropicans to celebrate! Looking forward to this island! *time travels and plays Monster Carnival Island* Yeah!

  2. Best thing ever of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even care if I’m exaggerating!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
    BTW: I think you should still keep up your Monster Carnival Mystery Page (just edit it to put in that it’s now an island), so we can all remember this awesome event!!!!!! 😀

  3. Why in the world is everyone exicted for Monster Carnival? It’s a scrapped idea that now eventualy came true. Still, it’s not a popstar celebertiy or the world’s giant gold nugget. I see no idea for this to become Poptropica’s greatest icon (Next to Mocktropica, of course)

    1. I think the reason is because tons of people wanted to play it, but then Poptropica took it off the map. Over time the wanting to play the island grew, and now it will be available, so people are getting very excited. This also concludes my theory that I can turn any conversation into a boring one.

    2. Perhaps it’s because people are curious – after all, it did appear on the map way back when there were only three islands and has only now resurfaced. It was, as you may know, replaced by 24 Carrot Island – and from the reaction it got, it sounds like carnivals & monsters are more popular than abandoned carrot factories.

      If you’d like to learn the story behind the island’s hype, check out our Mystery of Monster Carnival Island page. 🙂

      1. Yeah, Fishy. It was a scrapped island that mysteriously left the map and got replaced by 24 Carrot. It now comes back because

        A. Poptropicans requested it too much
        B. They wanted to make an idea become reality
        C. They ran out of island ideas and decided to make Monster Carnival come back.

        Whatever the reason, Monster Carnival is returning, and I’m very curious to see how this new island turns out.

  4. Um, if you ask Fuzzy or Blake, about a Month ago or so, I told them that this was coming about now…. Long story, I talked to some certain people on the INSIDE, and learned some stuff…

    1. But, STILL AWESOME. I can’t wait… But this is going to TRASH my ENTIRE storyline of The Nameless Adventures…

  5. Hey I think that this was a way to promote Poptropica so more people will play. But seriously, this is awesome.

  6. Oh my goodness I just stared at the heading for a few minutes with my mouth open, I could not believe it. But it’s true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

  7. It’s bout time the creators starting acting like a boss. *shoves Crawfish into closet* Can’t wait to play!! *leans against closet door*


  8. Let meh guess what the plot might be…. You have to become an actor/actress and do carnival stuff with monsters. And the bonus quest would be that the ringmaster is missing and you have to fight the mean monsters and you would get a Professional circus actor costume. The limited time costume would be a monster ringmaster costume. Just guessing

  9. It’s like 123456687395983 years before MCI is going to be released! All Poptropicans party! I now have my WordPress account but no blog yet. 🙂 Looks forward to the release! (BTW, I’m using WhatUp?! as another account)

  10. I hope non members get the early access. *shoves Black Widow into closet with Mordred and Crawfish* XD*locks closet door*


  11. I dont belive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! *dances for joy*

  12. I hope non members get to play first and you have to be a non member to play the entire island. *shoves Dr Hare into closet with the other creators* Hehe…


  13. I will not let the creators out until they release Monster Carnival. *puts food and water into closet for creators*


    1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs around like crazy*

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