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The Blake Bomb has been released. Get ready, Poptropica…

The Blake has arrived! Release the bombs! Fire the missles! THROW THE CHEEEEEESE!

*runs inside, throws down bags* Woah, woah, hold the phone! I know I stole that outfit from the Store, but no need to get all worked up! *walks over to couch* Well. Let’s get started. *pulls out computer and begins to type*

Hey guys, Blake here! I’m so happy to be a part of the esteemed PHB, a feat I’ve dreamt of accomplishing for five years. Five LONG years, might I add.. *glares at Juyo*

I’m basically just your average 13-year-old Poptropica loving boy. Some of my fave bands are Hollywood Undead and Owl City on occasion. My Poptropica username is mickety2, but you probably won’t find me often (but if you want to accomplish this, I can usually be found anywhere, often on the newer islands.) You might remember me as the guy who wrote the Poptropica Adventures guide.

Did you write that guide, or did you steal it like that outfit?

Quiet, you! Anyway, I plan to bring a lot to this blog, including, but most certainly not limited to:

-My *strikes Project Runway pose* FABULOUS walkthroughs
-My *sulks* less fabulous video playthroughs once I get some recording software bugs out
-And my amazing minisodes, filled with humor an-

The Creators didn’t think you were humorous!

QUIET! TRYING TO INTRODUCE MYSELF HERE! So anyway, filled with humor and sometimes drama. I hope you guys will like me as the newest author (and not beat me up and toss me in a dumpster), and I hope to get another post out next week. Get ready, Poptropica. The Blake Bomb has been dropped.

I’m confused, was that a terrorism threat or a pun? *gets out the tazer*

It was a metaphor! A metaphor, for Poptropica’s sake! Anyway guys, bye! *throws down smoke bomb. As it dissolves, you can still see me crouched behind a lamp*

..Oh, you can still see me… *runs out the back door* NOWHERE AND EVERYWHERE!

18 thoughts on “The Blake Bomb has been released. Get ready, Poptropica…”

  1. Thanks everyone. I read pretty much all my comments, so I’ve seen every piece of thanks. And yes, I have been visiting the blog for 5 years.

  2. so how did you end up joining? or did you get invited? Anyway why did PHB add like 3 people on Dec 8? Some special date. eh. watever. Welcome Blake the Bomb!

    Cool Berry the Unicorn Cat

  3. Good for you Blake! You deserve this sho much! You are my favorite author and my favorite fwiend. πŸ˜‰ You’re going to make a great author! lol jk this is outdated but you are a great author and I personally thought it was only right to comment. ;p

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