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Poptropolis for all, glitchy goodness, & a holiday discount

mockpop mapTwo big things are happening on the map right now: 1) Poptropolis Games 2013 is now available for everyone to play, and 2) Mocktropica is now shown as coming soon!

Poptropolis players, if you need a helping hand, our Poptropolis Games Island Guide will give you tips for finishing first! Our written walkthrough includes pictures and is updated with this year’s two new events (skiing & volleyball), so check it out!

As for Mocktropica, the first members-only item is now available in the Store, and it’s a Glitch Power! Activate it to fill the screen with big blocks of pixels. Don’t worry, nothing’s wrong with the game – it’s just the special effects! The other members’ items to be released are the Unfinished Costume and Narf Follower. Anyway, here’s the glitchy goodness in action:

From now until Monday, December 9, Poptropica is offering another 30% off sale at the Poptropica Shop where you can get customized clothing! Just enter the promo code HOLIDAY30 at checkout.


The Galactic Hot Dogs stands found on Main Streets now offer new prizes: an Ice Blaster Pistol and a costume (Humphree for boys, Queen Dagger for girls).


Also on Main Streets, you might find a video ad for the Percy Jackson movie Sea of Monsters. Watch the trailer to get the Hippocampus Power!


By the way, be sure to check out the post below for answers to last week’s Mystery Snapshots puzzle! Did you get them all right? Either way, hopefully it was fun!

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