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Pop goes the Tootsie Roll, Babymouse, eggs & froyo

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The new Tootsie Roll ad game (which I found on Early Poptropica) has you going around a forest to ask various animals the question. Beware of the bees and make sure you get to Mr. Cow, Turtle, Fox, & Owl before time is up! Speaking of which… this is what the fox says?!


When you get to Mr. Owl, he’ll bite his candy before getting to the center, and you’ll win a Tootsie Roll Pop (which comes in blue, orange, and red) and Tootsie Roll Rain Power (which rains down brown Tootsie Roll tubes)! Press the space bar while holding the pop and count how many licks it takes to reach the center (the number varies).


There’s also an ad for the Babymouse book series, which I found on Time Tangled. On the second floor, you can pick up the Queen of the World power, which simply flashes an image of Babymouse on top of the world.


And now for a couple of this week’s Daily Pop sneak peeks! In case the Tootsie Rolls weren’t enough to sate your appetite, we’ll be seeing eggs and ice cream, too…

Egg Hunt – Be careful. There’s no candy in there.


Soft Serve – We all scream for froyo.


Also, remember that the PHB is hosting its 5th Annual Halloween Costume Competition this month! We’ve been receiving lots of spectacularly spooky entries, but there’s still time to join in! Ten winners will be selected to be featured on the PHB homepage and Costumes page on Halloween (Oct 31st). In the meantime, let’s keep those entries coming!

10 thoughts on “Pop goes the Tootsie Roll, Babymouse, eggs & froyo”

  1. Oh my gosh, I used to love the Babymouse series when I was in elementary-middle school!
    Fro Yo. Every topping in the world, YEAH XD

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