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Australia, New Zealand, and the whole world of champions

For a long time, Poptropicans have always rushed to be among the first to complete a new island right when it came out, hoping to be listed as one of the top ten finishers on the Creators’ Blog. But 10 just doesn’t do everyone justice – which is why, starting with the coming-very-soon Virus Hunter Island, this tradition will be replaced with something bigger – a live player map!

Not only will you see the top 1000 finishers with this World Champions map, you’ll also be able to find where you rank among the many others before and after you and check out all the places in the world where the island has been played! It seems like it’s only available for Early Access players, though, meaning you’ll need to have membership before the island officially opens to everyone.

In other news, Poptropica Game Cards, previously only available in North America, are now purchasable in Australia and New Zealand exclusively at EB Games. For $10, you can get a month of membership with the card, but it’s worth noting that the same amount of membership time is only $3.95 if bought with a credit card. Still, if you’ve got a card, you can redeem it here.

Lastly, just a reminder that the big Create Your Dream Island Contest has begun (you’ll need a copy of the entry form)! If you want to have a higher chance of winning, check out this Creators’ Blog post which explains tips like a setting never done before, interesting time period, twist on a familiar tale, and no licensed properties. Good luck!

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