5 years + 9 million hits = PHB Party!

The party has ended, but you can read about it in our recap. Hope you had fun!

5Y9M Party

Previously known as Author Night, this year’s annual PHB party will be in celebration of our five years of existence and the recent milestone of 9 million hits! The Poptropica Help Blog turns 5 on July 26, 2013, and everyone’s invited to join in the party, so here are the details!

  • WHO: You! PHB authors, commenters, and readers! Everyone!
  • WHAT: A Poptropica party where you’ll get to hang out with PHB authors and fans! Bring your color-changing Poptropica 5th birthday balloons, fireworks, or musical instruments if you can. Chat on the PHC, create Multiverse rooms, play games, hang out, have fun!
  • WHEN: Friday, July 26, 2013 @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain / 5pm Pacific (find out which time zone you live in and plan accordingly – if none of these apply, use a converter)
  • WHERE: Our Poptropica Help Chatroom (PHC), which you can access by clicking “Chat” in the navigational bar at the top of this blog or by typing in xat.com/thephc. The chat will be moderated, so it’s safe, and any rule-breaking will result in a kick or ban, so please don’t spoil the fun.
  • WHY: Celebrating the PHB’s 5th anniversary and 9 million hits!

There’ll probably be a recap on the blog afterwards, so you might be in it! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions. Here’s to a great time! :]

88 thoughts on “5 years + 9 million hits = PHB Party!

  1. ayman351 says:

    i emailed the poptropica creators about nano bot training withdrawn they said it ways glitch and they said their releasing it again so watch the creators blog for its realease again

    • Slanted Fish says:

      See the “When” bullet point for the time, because it depends on which time zone you live in. If you can’t come at precisely that time, you’re still welcome to join in later, and it’ll only end when everyone has left, whenever that may be. πŸ™‚

      • Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

        Okay, how’d I miss that? Okay, I might be there, the Chat will only work on one computer, so hopefully I’ll be there. Good thing, I’m Central time, glad it works for everybody!

  2. syuva says:


  3. Cool Smarticle says:

    OMZ, I’m so coming! πŸ˜€ Whoa! 😯 That’s a LOT of hits and a LONG, LONG time! Happy Early 5th anniversary PHB! πŸ˜€ :mrgreen:

  4. Obiwan2324 says:

    Darn, I’ll miss the first hour of it. Which means it’ll probably be empty by the time I get there. DARN YOU SAT BOOTCAMP

  5. Sleepy Feather says:

    I might be able to come (hopefully) but I might not have access to the computer on the 26th. I might check out the xat chat though!

  6. Zey-shomi says:

    Oh wow does that mean the chat will actually have people? And heyyyy Juyo it’s been awhile! Sucks that I’ll be off of summer when this takes place.

  7. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    Aw, man. I can’t come. I’m going to a family reunion on my mom’s side. I so thought this was tonight!

  8. hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897 says:

    Crap,I didn’t even know how to get in the chat room man I’m leaving until the 6th party.I’ve benn asking you guys that I don’t understand what to do but you WON’T ALLOW ME TO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS PHB AND OTHERS,YOU’VE RUINED ME AND MADE LAST NIGHT THE WORST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Why are you blaming the PHB? The post explains pretty clearly how to join – just visit the PHC at xat.com/thePHC or click the Chat page in the PHB’s navigation bar above. Sometimes comments are automatically marked as spam and we don’t see them; that’s not our fault and you could have tried to post again. Nobody has been deleting your comments on purpose, at least not recently. Sorry you missed it, but it’s not really our fault.

      • hatersloveme2490/hatersloveme4897 says:

        I was not spamming,I was asking what to do and I’ve tried posting about 1000 times.

  9. Tyson4924 says:

    Please note that this is hatersloveme2490/4897:
    (a)i did NOT SAID THAT
    (b)i was going to say that i did not come because i forgot what to do
    (c)i came here and saw the comments and i saw the negative one so i called my sister and she immedietaly confessed on posting the comment so i am saying that she went on my computer to post the negative crap and the same friggin’ comments on the recap was from her (this is a TRUE STORY)and i am not lying on posting this more than a year after to make you think i’m lying because i’m not!

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