Nano-Combat Training now available!

Hey guys, BT here. Now, when I went on Poptropica at about 1:50ish EST, I discovered this new card in the Poptropica Store:

nano-combat training

Now, before you go into the store to see for yourself, let me tell you: it isn’t there anymore. Before this card was pulled off the Poptropica Store shelf, there was an ad for it on the home page (I didn’t take a screenshot of it), and I was curious enough to check it out.

However, when I tried to access this minigame, all it did was bring me into BETA Carrotene. This is really odd.

UPDATE 1 : Fuzzy-B mentions that this “Training Sim” Daily Pop could be a sneak peek for this nanobot-battling simulation game, brought to you by the Poptropica Disease Center (PDC):

UPDATE 2: This quest is now available for real for members. It actually involves the sound and larger screen. And just to warn you in advance- it is like Thunder Volt. Here’s a video from the Creators:

UPDATE 3: The PHB now has a guide for this mini-game, which you can check out here! 😀

BT out!


24 thoughts on “Nano-Combat Training now available!

  1. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    I was like “I gotta buy that!” But then I was like, “Aw, man!” Then like, “Oh.” Yeah, I hope it’s not like Thunder Volt!

    • superniceywhitepaw says:

      Maybe they accidentally configured the file to launch the Beta so they had to remove it to fix the glitch. OR maybe they decided to save it for later or they might have released the wrong card. I think they were attempting to release sneezing power but released this instead.

      • Nameless UNdefiNEd says:

        I contacted them about it, strange, I never do that… The information I got back was that the card wasn’t supposed to be released… it has a glitch in it, so they can’t release it as planned.

        Nameless UnDEFiNed

  2. Slanted Fish says:

    Hm, interesting find. Maybe it’s like Zomberry Island’s ‘Terror in the Garden’ vegetable-shooting game, an optional practice for something else you’ll have to fight later in the island (nanobots? maybe the battle bots from the Daily Pop?).

  3. Slippery Dolphin says:

    I have no idea, but it looks pretty cool! Man, there is nothing interesting happening on Poptropica when I actually DO log on to it and stuff (because I’m waiting on Virus Hunter island, which I think might be the coolest NEW island so far (although I kind of like the old islands better). 🙂 Anyways, yeah, this looks really interesting… but if the creators DID accidentally place that card (in reply to superniceywhitepaw) for something else, why did she (Brave Tomato) say there was an ad for it on the home page? 😦 It seems very strange. Where are the creators to explain THIS mishap?

  4. cats r awesome says:

    hi slanted fish! i’m new here, and i have to say your blog is AWESOME! i love it. now, about the card, i wonder why that happened? it might be a glitch. maybe the creators accidentally put that in stores too early or something.
    we might know soon. or maybe not.

  5. ayman351 says:

    i emailed the poptropica creators about nano bot training withdrawn they said it ways glitch and they said their releasing it again so watch the creators blog for its realease again.

  6. fruitbat7777 says:

    The caption for Fuzzy B’s discovery sneak peek says “We drill and we drill until there are no mistakes. That is similar to another sneak peek, “Simulacra” We will drill until we are perfect machines.” What’s up with all the drilling?

  7. Clean Shark, News Reporter says:

    It just released today. It’s like a weird spin of Thunder Volt. Dr. Lange is the commander, and yeah.

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