Despicable Me 2 and Non-Stop Summer Games!

Get your fart guns ready, because there are two new advertisement buildings on Poptropica!


First off, there is a new ad on Main Streets for Despicable Me 2, in theaters July 3rd.

Inside the building there are three different games you can play.ย  The first of which is Bee-Do: The Emergency Minion response game. This game is very similar to the old game Donkey Kong. You have to climb up through Gru’s lab using the arrow keys and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Make sure to dodge the falling cups that come at you! Pick up cupcakes, unicorns, and bananas for bonus points. Your prize is your very own Minion Costume!


The next game is a training mission from Lucy, an agent of AVL. This game is like a scavenger hunt.ย  You have to find four items that have been scattered throughout the mall.ย  They are a lipstick taser, a blue car, a freeze ray, and an AVL badge. You are provided with a radar which shows you where all of the items are located so it isn’t too difficult. Once all four are found you win the Lipstick Taser Power which lets you give other Poptropicans a little shock and the Fart Gun Power which lets you knock over other Poptropicans with that gnarly stink.

The last game is Bop-a-Minion. It is very similar to Wac-a-Mole. You have to hit the minions as they pop up. Hitting minions holding coins will earn you in-game money towards unlocking new minions to bop. Minions holding a 200 sign are worth 200 bonus points. Make sure not to hit minions holding bombs because that will mean game over for you. Your prize for this game is the Freeze Ray Power which lets you freeze other Poptropicans in blocks of ice!


Next is a new building for Disney XD’s Non-Stop Summer. Once you enter the building on Steamworks Island you can hop on a bike and make your way to the adventure. Once you have won all of the games, you get a special bonus prize, but that will have to wait until July 8th when the last game is released. (Note: You may find this ad in the transition area between places. Just click to go to the Disney XD ad!)

I see, it’s clever because the bike tires make an infinity sign.

The first stop on this summer road trip is at the Kickin’ It: Race the Black Dragons game. This game is a plain old race to the finish. Beat the Red Dragon bike to the finish by hitting green speed boosts and dodging puddles and pot holes. If you win you earn the Kickin’ It High Kick Power!

Next up on our road trip is the Crash and Bernstein Burp Along game. Hit the arrow keys in the correct order to copy Bernstein’s burp pattern. Once you match him burp for burp six times you win the Crash Follower.

The last stop on our road trip as at the Lab Rats: Virus Eddie game. This is a matching game, so you have to find and match both of pictures of each character. Once you have matched all four pairs you win the Adam’s Laser Vision Power which lets you shoot optic blasts where ever you point your mouse.


Which mini-game is your favorite to play? I personally enjoyed the Bop-a-Minion.


70 thoughts on “Despicable Me 2 and Non-Stop Summer Games!”

  1. cool, seems like pop’s rival’s maker (club penguin) is maybe weaseling their way into our great poptropolis which has taken years to build up!

      1. i MEAN that disney is, well, a little “invasive”; they bought marvel and muppets and STAR WARS!!! they like to make things their own, basically. even though I love em.

      2. Disney didn’t create Club Penguin, but they do own the rights to it because they bought it from its creator. There have been many Poptropica ads for Disney-owned franchises, so that’s not really new.

      3. all im saying is that disney is invasive. they are huge, club penguin is popular, although its a really bad virtual world. it is to small, which doesn’t make sense, since it been around so long… many of pop’s crew came from clubpenguin, which is why some times things look somewhat like disney in pop, for example, the follower dragons in the pop store

      1. Oops. OK I get that. Disney obviously has a bigger market than poptropica since it is much older.
        Sorry my english sucks;(:(

      2. I decided to change my name back because everything’s so confusing.
        Anyway so it just means that Disney is WAY richer than Poptropica.
        Sorry about all the confusion. My english is bad.

      3. Disney is much bigger than Poptropica, but that’s not to say Poptropica isn’t big. Poptropica runs ads as a way to make money.

        @White Paw – you can use whatever name you like when you comment, since we can recognize you by your gravatar (which is dependent on your email address).

      1. That’s what I thought when I read the title too, so I changed it so the reader gets a better sense of what’s in the post. ๐Ÿ˜›

        Still, great detailed post, Fuzzy-B! That’s a lot of games and prizes to check out. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I know this sounds weird, but hear me out: I usually use Google Chrome when playing Poptropica. The Despicable Me ad did not show up anywhere. Then I tried Internet Explorer and then went to Zomberry Island and it popped up. I don’t know if it has to do with the browser you are using or what. Neither Chrome or Explorer has let me play the Disney XD ad though.

  2. Woah, Lab Rats! I love that show! ๐Ÿ˜€ This might be one of the few ads that I might try out when I get the time!!

  3. I can’t find the Disney XD ad, when I click on the link at the home page it takes me to Steamworks Island but there’s no ad there. I also can’t find the Dispicable Me ad, I’ve gone to the islands you mentioned, but nothing. The only ads I can find are the Middle School ads. Any suggestions?

      1. Okay, I found the Despicable Me 2 one, but I still can’t find the Disney XD ad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ll try logging out and back in a couple of times.

      2. Try finding the Disney XD ad on the transition page (e.g. from one Main Street to another place on the island) in poptropica. Then click on option to go to the Ad.

    1. Go on your inventory and see if the ads names show up when you click to see the list of islands. Mine wasn’t showing up, only the Middle School ad one was, but eventually the Despicable Me 2 one appeared, so I looked for it and found it on Mystery Train. So maybe you just have to wait. The Disney XD one hasn’t shown up yet on my inventory and it’s still not there but I guess I’ll wait. Maybe it has to do with where you live? I’m not too sure, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. Sometimes Poptropica limits which ads get shown based on your Poptropican’s age or gender (so they can target a specific audience), but I don’t know which specific demographics are being blocked in this case, if any.

        I’ve found the Despicable Me 2 ad building on Main Street, and the Disney XD ad in the transition area between places (both on Super Power Island) if that helps.

      2. A demographic just refers to a specific audience or group, for example, 6 to 10-year-old girls or 40 to 42-year-old men or something. ๐Ÿ˜› Generally speaking, the first group might be more interested in Poptropica, whereas the second group might not (and maybe would like some other product instead, so advertisers would target them with a different ad).

      3. hey, that’s not fair. Everyone should get a chance to play all the ads. There are such thing as old people who like games meant for children–life is not as stereotypical is it seems.

      4. Relating to Fishy’s comment, Disney XD is usually geared towards the teen demographic. (12-19, possibly). So maybe those over 10 can view it. Or maybe the transitional screen works for some people. It could be either of the two (or both!).

    2. Oh, and for the age thing, I made 3 other accounts with ages ranging from 7-11, and neither of those ages have the buildings.

  4. superniceywhitepaw:
    yes, that is what I was saying. srry I didn’t clarify, but Disney owns Club Penguin (i know, almost everyone knows that)

    1. That’s cool, but didn’t BT already make similar predictions in her Mocktropica Island post about how the Creators were making a parody of themselves in this island? From what we can tell, Mocktropica Island seems to be about us (the players) getting to “create” our own Poptropica island (on a Poptropica island, hence the islandception).

    2. i like your blog! and yes, fishy, PHB did mention it, this just went into more detail… a LOT more detail lol. I barely understood it (that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it)!

  5. Hey guys. Maybe you remember me? My old name was Madhatter53 and I totally forgot about this place. But now I’m back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Slanted Fish: Welcome back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I feel stupid that I missed this ad last year..Kickin’ It is like, my favorite show and I watch it all the time on Netflix

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