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PHB Pop-over Special: K-Poptropica Style!

PSY in Poptropica

Oppa Gangnam Style! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s PSY, the big K-pop(tropica) phenomenon famous for his Korean music video “Gangnam Style”Β with the crazy horse dance. And in this PHB special adapted from Samwow5, we’ll show you how you can dress up just like this debonair dude.

  • Hair: Cryptids Island (Main Street), make it black at the 24 Carrot Diner
  • Shirt & pants: Prom King (Poptropica Store) – choose from light blue, orange, purple, and white!
  • (Optional) Mic: Rock Singer (Poptropica Store) – if not, get the wand from the Prom King suit.
  • Shades: Customize from the top secret secretary in the Spy Island Headquarters
  • Horse: Dance with the bucking broncos of Wild West Island!

Enjoy the costume and go out in style! Gangnam style, that is. πŸ™‚

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