Snakes, Malls, Burglary, and Segways

Hey guys, BT here. The trailer for the new Night Watch Island has been released!

It’s pretty cool. There’s the animation style thing we saw in other island trailers such as Lunar Colony and Poptropolis Games. There’s a humorous moment in the island trailer involving a guy on a Segway. There’s a snake (?) that appeared all over the place during the trailer. And there’s a random ski-mask burglar towards the end who the snake goes up to. Hmm… what do you guys think?

BT out!

44 thoughts on “Snakes, Malls, Burglary, and Segways


    LOL the video made me crack up when the dude was on the segway!!

    It sounds a LOT like Night at the Museum

  2. ayman351 says:

    the snake appears in the daily pop the stunner also i emailed the poptropilisis shaking and they said

    Something big is coming for Poptropolis, but it’s not out yet. Hang tight — keep an eye out for updates!

    Best regards,
    Cara C.
    Family Education Network


      OMG im replying to sticky clown but this comment box has problems so yah the one above by meeee is to sticky clown =)

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