Peter Pan, Diamond Edition: Poptropica Ad

Peter Pan in Poptropica

Why is Peter Pan always flying? (answer is at the bottom of the post)

There’s a new Poptropica ad for Peter Pan, Diamond Edition – on Disney Blu-Ray combo pack & HD digital, February 5. Thanks to Sticky Clown for the tips and help with the walkthrough:

Go in and talk to Peter. After a short cutscene, you’ll start flying to Neverland in a fashion similar to the RTV minigame hang glider. All you have to do is to avoid the obstacles and make it there. Stay up to avoid roofs, chimneys, trees, and birds. After you go past the clock tower, cannonballs will burst out of clouds randomly, so the easiest thing to do is stay down.

When you’re done, you’ll win Pixie Dust Power (sends you flying in the clouds with Tinkerbell for a few seconds) and a new costume: Captain Hook (for boys) or Tinkerbell (for girls)! Before you head back to London, you can fly around with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John, and Michael using Tink’s pixie dust. The ad can be found on Main Street on islands such as Zomberry.

Because he Neverlands.


39 thoughts on “Peter Pan, Diamond Edition: Poptropica Ad

  1. madpanda51 says:

    Hi Poptropica!
    This is a question that i hope you guys can answer, (or someone to answer it 4 me.) anyways the question is, when i go to the Peter Pan poptropica ad, and i click on (PETER PAN,) he says’s come on everybody! lets go to neverland! (blah blah blah blah,) something like that, anyways, when he says that, it takes a really long time for my poptropican to get to fly on neverland, and also that m cursor is still spinning in a circle for a very long time even though my internet is ok.


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