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Light is bad, bad stuff (Zomberry: Day Zero – Part Five of Six)

You’re warm and sleepy in bed, having dreams of chocolate and zomberries. The room is nice and dark and you float around in Poptropica, perhaps scaring tourists in Shark Tooth Island or laughing at all those humble Poptropicans dutifully packing up their bags to go camp out for Zomberry Island. Everything is just perfect. perfect, that is, until-

“Oh, no, momsie! You absolutely must turn off the light now!”

“It’s time for school, get up now.”

I’m positive this scenario has occurred to every Poptropican more than once. Don’t be ashamed to admit it. We’re all in this together.

Anyway, it appears that those epic zombies (or are they epic?) of Zomberry Island need to be stopped! And who better than Joe to stop them? Here we continue on with our epic story, Zomberry: Day Zero!

Well, Poptropicans, it seems that we all share one common trait with zombies; we all burn from light on certain days. What if… *epic gasp* the moral is that Poptropicans are the real zombies?

The whole idea of a zombie apocalypse is fresh in my mind due to the idea of zombie and berry being together in one sentence. Zomberry is such a nice word, isn’t it?

Remember to check back here, the PHB, for details. Everything you need to know for Zomberry Island will be brought to you here, by us! And while you’re at it, why not check out the island guides and complete any islands you’re missing? That way, you’re all ready to go when Zomberry Island comes out!

P.S. Did you guys notice how we got left with a cliffhanger until Monday?

~Super Thunder

14 thoughts on “Light is bad, bad stuff (Zomberry: Day Zero – Part Five of Six)”

  1. AWESOME! Now we know why one of the first sneek peaks included a flashlight! This looks so fun and cool, I just can’t wait!

  2. I showed my sister this and she is not ready for the attack. But my friends have their battle positions and are ready too roll! P.S my sister has a position, the extras extras extras extra.

  3. Prom is back on! Look for me (Spotted Dragon) your host when your there!
    New Room Code: AKV65
    For more info on the prom go to the comments in the post Zomberry: Day Zero- Part 3 of 6
    I hope to see you all there!

  4. Sorry I haven’t been commenting a lot lately, I am like, bombarded with homework, projects, etc. I have to prepare for my piano recital, and have to practice at least 30 min a day on my violin… ugh…. 😦

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