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Paper King and Queen, DS Game Walkthrough available on the PHB, and new books out… sucker!

The second costume of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Multi-Prize Card has been unlocked! If you haven’t already, enter the promo code wimpy2012 on Poptropica to get the new paper king costume for boys, and queen for girls.

Thanks to Michelle and Samwow5 for the heads-up. If you already unlocked this promo code for the first costume, you can find the item card in your Store inventory. Just click on the now-unlocked “2” to customize from the new costume! Perhaps it’s for the Valentine’s Dance in the new book, The Third Wheel.

Poptropica’s been busy expanding their franchise, and earlier this week, they released their first Nintendo DS game, Poptropica Adventures! Here’s a shout-out to our friend Blake for writing the PHB’s walkthrough on the game, which can be found here under the Island Help page’s MiniQuests section.

On Thursday, Poptropica released four new books, which you can learn about on their official Books page. There’s Skullduggery Island and Astro-Knights Island, novels written about the islands’ plot. Pencil Warrior is a full-color doodle book, and Poptropica Mad Libs should be pretty self-explanatory if you’ve encountered Mad Libs before – fill in blanks to create nonsensical yet funny stories!

Oh and, don’t be offended by the “sucker” in the title… it’s not you! Just wanted to share a quick joke from PHB reader Daniel. Here it is.

Haha, hope that made you smile! Have a great weekend! 😀

18 thoughts on “Paper King and Queen, DS Game Walkthrough available on the PHB, and new books out… sucker!”

    1. Also, you can costumize the sword from Lighting Knight Costume from the code from Poptropica Adventures for Nintendo DS.

  1. please give me the code i cant get the code because the touch screen isnt working so i cant geta high score on the last 2 arcade games on my freaking ds

    1. The code is different for each purchase, and you can find it in the back of the instruction booklet that came with your DS game. Redeem it online at by going to the Store section and typing it in the promo code box.

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