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Embark on your Poptropica Adventures starting… now! (DS Game Released)

That’s right! After months of anticipation, Poptropica Adventures for the Nintendo DS is now available and ready to rock your world. Or three islands of it, at least.

For US$29.99, you can buy the video game from retailers such as Best Buy, Toys’R’Us, or GameStop. If you can’t find it in a local store, there’s also, where you can order online and have it shipped to your address, especially if you live outside of the US. The purchase comes with a code for two new costumes you can unlock on Poptropica!

Hopefully we will have a walkthrough for this game on this blog soon! Anyone is welcome to help contribute as always. (Update: Our guide is now up! Thanks Blake!) If you have the game or tried it already, let us know what you think! ๐Ÿ˜€

-slanted fish

32 thoughts on “Embark on your Poptropica Adventures starting… now! (DS Game Released)”

  1. Everyone New Poptropica AD for wimpy kid the third wheel it gives you a costume that talks and a dancing move that does not say on the top of it for limit time only Adn First

    ~Shaggy Dragon

  2. OOOOOOOHHHH! I CAN’T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS!!!! That’s when I’ll probably get it!!
    P.S. Cool Shaggy D!

  3. omg awesome i am gonna buy it! i beat the ad for the third wheel and it was ok, i guess now i am a wimpy kid!

  4. I got this game @ 10:00 am on Tuesday November 6th @toys r us I almost had to wait until thurs or wed. But luckaly a guy found it!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I havn’t finished it, but its hard not to get distracted when there’s cute mythology outfits and then you make a mistake and this game isn’t exactly like poptropica so you have to cancel and do it over again when your dressing up like them ๐Ÿ˜‰



    :DDDD HAPPY NOVEMBER ONLY 1 month to GO! (CHRISTMAS OF COURSE XD) Anywayz I’m not trllin how to get it cause ITS MY FRIENDS GLITCH!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ hope you enjoy looking at a female and male at the same time in POPTROPICA @ SL and Samwow5 I ain’t tellin you who told me it THATS RIGHT SOME1 TOLD ME IT!!!!

  6. Oh and uh my username is : JamesKiro type into Avatar Studio and look at pinkish purpleish glasses THERE FOR GIRLS AND THEY ARE THE VAMPIRE 2 COSTUME and I’m wearing some fmonster Director D hair and Some boy outfit like zeus’s armor and Black Pants and Ben 10 Jacket! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m awesome AND SO IS MAH BEST FRIEND!!(the guy/gal who told me)

  7. Surprisingly, I was already working on a walkthrough for the game before this post. If you want, you could use it. I’ve got the opening done, working on Section Two for Super Power.

    1. Yes, there are codes, but sadly, once you use the code from your own game, no one else can. The Ubisoft people evidently did the game the hard way for all of us d:

      By that I mean, they made it non-reusable for us, big stinker there… and they took the time to make different codes and program them into the game…

  8. Walkthrough’s done! :3

    Poptropica Adventures Game Walkthrough
    SECTION ONE: The Start of a New Adventure

    Once you have created your character by giving it a unique look and name with the tools provided, you will arrive on Museum Island. Funny name for an Island, don’t you think? So, talk to the man outside. He will tell you that the museum is in need of artifacts to make it great again. You’ll follow him inside. Go into the closet found on the second floor of the museum (near the Astro Knights exhibit room, which will be brought into play a little bit later in the game.
    Customize the look of one of the mannequins, and talk to the man. You will then be allowed to leave the museum and start your adventure. Remember, eventually, you will come back to the museum, coming inside the three exhibit rooms and dropping off the artifacts you recieve on your adventures.

    SECTION TWO: Super Powers and Super Villains

    Once you reach the Map, we’re going to start with Super Power Island. Head towards said Island, located on the far left of the map. Once you arrive, talk to Ned Noodlehead, who is the person standing by the Comic Shop with the broken front door. He’ll describe the tragic scene to you, and tell you that you’ll need to find the three stolen comic books. Go to the right, and climb up the building you first see. Go to the rooftop, and you’ll find Sir Reberal. If you’ve played the game, you’ll know that this is not his true outfit. Don’t worry though, you’ll encounter a lot of costume changes in the game. Now, talk to him, and accept his offer for a game of Catch. Catch the tomatoes, trying to prevent five of them from falling, or you’ll have to restart the game. Once you defeat him, you’ll recieve the first of the three comic books, the ones stolen from the comic shop. Next, climb down from the rooftop and go to the next building. You’ll have to win a game of Jump to climb this building. Dodge the falling stones, and climb on the platforms. Remember that the ones that look like they’re about to break will cause you to fall. Once you’ve beaten the game of Jump, you’ll meet Crusher, who has also seemed to undergo an unfortunate costume change. Dodge 99 statues, and you’ll retrieve the second comic book. Whenever you’re finished, walk back to main street and go into the manhole by the phone booth. Click on the valve and rearrange the pipes. When you’re finished, find Ratman. Talk to him, and accept his task. Find his six rats in the sewer, and give them to him to retrieve the final comic book. Find the girl near your blimp, and help her with her game. It is a game of maze. Navigate the three levels and she’ll give you a prize. Whenever you’re done, deliver the comics to Ned and go inside the comic shop. Tell the PI that you solved the crime, and he’ll give you the Letter of Gratitude. Go to the open window on the second building, and go inside. Give the old superhero the Letter, and he’ll give you the ID Card. When you get the ID Card, go back to the comic shop and talk to the PI. Find the four pieces of Betty Jetty’s security photo, and give them to the PI. Talk to the police officer guarding the subway station. He’ll ask you for a hot dog, Go to the hot dog cart and retrieve one. When you give it to him, he wants something to put it in, so give him a Pretzel from the pretzel cart. Go into the subway and find Betty Jetty, who has seemingly gained an ironic pink heart covered outfit. Beat her in a game of Race. (TIP: Jump over the trash piles and chairs, collect the winged shoes, and press the down arrow on the control pad to tumble underneath the signs.) Whenever you beat Betty Jetty, Ned will show up. He will reveal that Betty is really her sister, and he was the one who tore up the security photo for fear of her getting caught. Whenever you go back up, you can go back to your blimp. (COOL FEATURE: Don’t forget to customize a few outfits to access them later in the closets!)

    SECTION THREE: Right Back Where You Started From

    Head back to the Museum and head into the Super Power Exhibition Room (NOTE: The Exhibition Room is near the entrance.) Place the artifacts you collected on your previous journey into the cases you think will suit them most. Talk to the man before you leave. He’ll tell you that he’s fixed the windows and repainted everything. Yay, progress! Now, go back to your blimp.

    SECTION FOUR: More than a Myth

    Back at the Map, head to Mythology Island, located on the far right. Talk to the man standing by the Mount Olympus gates. He’ll reveal himself to be Hermes, and he’s lost his magical winged hat. He’ll give you a letter to give to Poseidon, god of the seas. Head to his temple on the right of Main Street. Climb up the rocks near the temple of Poseidon and go to the waterfall. Click on the valve. Beat the puzzle by switching the pipes around. If you succeed, you should shut down the waterfall. Go back down and go inside the temple. Go to the right and retrieve the pan flute. Then go to the right and find a girl who will tell you, “Simply play the sounds of the seas, and the door will open with ease.” Go outside the temple and head towards the Artemis Forest. Talk to Pan and give him the Pan Flute. He’ll give you the shell. Go back to Poseidon’s temple and use the shell on the door. Go down and talk to Poseidon and give him the letter. He’ll give you a fish. Go back to Main Street and give the fish to the man selling cabbages. He’ll give you a cabbage, which you’ll need later. Go back to Hermes and he’ll give you a package to deliver to Hades, god of the Underworld. Go right, towards the temples. Go inside of Hades’ temple and talk to Charon, who’s on the boat. Say you want to cross the river and another game of Maze will pop up. Navigate the boat through the water, watching out for the glowing eyes, which belong to a crocodile who WILL EAT YOU. Once the third level is completed, go through the door. Give Hades the package, and return to Hermes. He’ll give you a letter to deliver to Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Go left, to the forest, and give the letter to Artemis. (NOTE: She’s near Pan.) She’ll proclaim that she cannot read it until she finds her six arrows. They are placed as follows:

    1. At the near bottom of the tree
    2. Somewhere else in the tree
    3. On top of the picture of Zeus on Main Street
    4. On the uppermost rock above Poseidon’s temple
    5. On the rocks on Hades’ temple
    6. Up at the top of the waterfall

    Give the arrows to Artemis and she’ll say it’s from Apollo, who tells her of a deer wearing a winged hat loose in the wildlife. Follow her to the deer, and she’ll ask for something to calm it down. Give her the cabbage from earlier. Grab the winged hat and go back to Main Street, giving him the winged hat. Zeus will arrive, and challenge you to a race. Beat Zeus, and talk to Hermes. He’ll challenge you to another race. Beat him, and talk to the girl by Herc’s Hero Hut. She’ll fantasize about a pearl from Poseidon’s temple she wants. Go to Poseidon’s temple and get the pearl, which is on the column by Poseidon. Go back outside and talk to the woman by Hade’s temple. She’ll say she dropped her satchel when she visited Hades. Go back into the River Styx maze, and go past Cerberus, grabbing the satchel. Go back outside and give the girl her satchel. Next, go back to Main Street and give the girl the pearl. Now head back to the Map.

    SECTION FIVE: Right Back Where You Started From (Again)

    Go back to the Museum and go into the Mythology exhibition room. Deposit all of the artifacts collected on the trip to Mythology in their appropriate spots. Exit and go back to the map and head to Astro Knights.

    SECTION SIX: A Long Time Ago, In A Poptropica Island Far, Far Away….

    Congratulations! Home stretch! Now, go to the castle, which is located left of Main Street. Go up the windows and go through the open one. Find the queen, and she’ll tell you to talk to the king. Go to the throne room, located right of that point. Talk to the king, and he’ll tell you, “Beep, I am not seeing visitors at the moment. Boop, please come back later.” Leave the throne room, and tell the Queen. She’ll tell you to speak to Sir Cador, the Green Knight. Talk to him, and he’ll send you to Sir Pelleas, the Red Knight. Ask if you can borrow the spaceship. He’ll say you’ll need an electrical source, a fuel cell, and a wrench. The wrench is on the Olde Rumor Mill, the electrical source is on the top of the junk pile in the castle, and the fuel cell is won by racing the guy by the Mordred Museum. Once all of these things are gathered, give them to Sir Pelleas. You’ll need to help him wire the circuits. Beat the puzzle, and then he’ll ask for a space map. Go to the castle, and talk to the monk by the UFO, who will give you one. Give the map to Sir Pelleas, and climb into the rocket. You’ll need to navigate the maze, only one twist to it, the fact that it’s surrounded by lasers. Navigate it, and go to the Pewter Moon. Climb on the Fire Planet teleporter, and go to the Fire Planet. Climb up, and talk to the squire once you beat the game of Jump. He’ll say that the king’s sceptre is hidden somewhere in the throne room. Go back to Earth, and find the sceptre in the window. Go back to the moon, and talk to the alien by the teleporter. She’ll steal it, and ask for wire in exchange. Go back to Earth, and ask the man by the right of the window for some wire. Go back to the moon, and give it to the alien. Help her rewire the circuits. She’ll give you the sceptre. Hop on the green teleporter, and go to the Jungle Planet. Talk to the Binary Bard. He’ll challenge you to a race against the Atomic Pheonix. Beat the pheonix, and talk to the king. You’ll wind up in another game of jump. Reach the top, and you’ll be brought back to the Jungle Planet. The king will tell you to go back to earth to inform the queen. Do just that, and talk to Sir Pelleas afterwards. He’ll ask you to collect some of the dragon scales he lost in a battle on the fire planet, along with some proof he was there. Do it, and give them to him. Next, go back to the castle and talk to the guy you got the space map from. He’ll ask you to find his telescope. It’s on the Olde Rumor Mill. Give it to him, and you’re officially done! Great job! Head back to the museum.

    SECTION SEVEN: The End… or Is It?

    Go into the Astro Knights on the second floor of the museum, and talk to the curator when finished. He’ll congratulate you on the job, and say that they’ve added a new wing to the museum in your honor. Go upstairs and stop at the black door. Go inside, and you’ll find some old fashioned arcade games based on the minigames from your game. Get the high score in each game, and you’ll get an outfit for the Museum Closet. Beat all six, and you’re all done with your Poptropica Adventures! Great job, Poptropicans.

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