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Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Promo Code for Prizes!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid has released a new promotional code which you can redeem on Poptropica! Enter wimpy2012 in the “enter promo code” box at the top-right corner of the Store to get your Multi-Prize Card. Thanks Josh and Shaggy Dragon!

As you can see, only the first prize (a paper costume) is available for now. When enough people redeem the code on Poptropica, we’ll get the second and third prizes unlocked, so hurry and get yours now! 😀

50 thoughts on “Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Promo Code for Prizes!”

  1. Sweet Diary of a Wimpy Kid stuff! Just in time for the next book: The third wheel! Can’t Wait! 😀
    BTW: I switched my name back to normal from Halloween. SD is back!

    1. Just keep the mouse there while you take a screenshot. You don’t need to use your mouse to take a screenshot, because you can always crop it later if you want to. On a PC, press the PrtSc key and then paste it to an image editing program (to crop/save/etc). On a Mac, press Command+Shift+3 to take a full screenshot, then find it later to crop it if needed, which is what I did.

      1. Pressing PrtSc does take a screenshot. It saves it in your computer’s clipboard, just like when you “copy” text. The next step is to “Paste” it, just like how copying and pasting works. Open an image editing program (such as Microsoft Paint) and simply Paste it there to see it. You can edit it as much as you want and then save it to your computer.

        I simply cropped my screenshot with Preview on my Mac, the default application used to view images. If you need help with this kind of stuff, please utilize Google or other search engines which can point you in the right direction.

      2. My Prtsc won’t work now what do I do? I did the latest advice you gave me, it worke for a Month and a Half but now iit doesn’t work. What do I do?

      3. To crop in Preview on a Mac, click and hold the mouse button as you drag across the area you would like to crop. After you select it, you can adjust the sides if you wish. Press the Command + K keys together to crop, and Command + S to save. 🙂

  2. ceap makeing account the number goes down by 10 so make accout ho cares of threre just save and get off thene make a new ceap doing this

  3. if you had the apple from last months promo code you get to fly with the apple jump and press spase then keep doing that works anywhere

  4. The bonus quest for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been announced, and the members only items are announced too! Also, there is a trailer for the Skullduggery Island book.

    1. Everyone knows about the new island, I saw the book video thing, but I haven’t seen any membership items. Are you sure?

    1. Thanks! Some PHB commenters wrote that there was a new code, as mentioned in the post. They probably found it from the promotion of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, The Third Wheel. The wimpy2012 code was released on a Facebook fan page for the UK.

  5. I luv diary of a wmpy kid I will be buying this outfit!!!!or doing whatever u have 2 do to get it next time I’m on poptropica. WHICH IS STILL UNKNOWN BWA HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BTW if anyone has a 3ds or ds don’t try going on phb the writing is 2 tiny if u do don’t say I didn’t warn u 😕 !

    1. It kind of looks like a boy, but I don’t think it really has a gender, because a boy or a girl can wear those clothes and it doesn’t specify that it’s a boy or girl.

      1. It is a boy, because the other outfits are unlocked and there’s a queen or some other GIRL, and the first is a boy. The last (Big Ben) is unisex, though.

  6. Everyone New Poptropica AD for wimpy kid the third wheel it gives you a costume that talks and a dancing move that does not say on the top of it for limit time only Adn First

    ~Shaggy Dragon

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