Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, Skullduggery Island, Store

Charlie bit my finger, I mean, my candy bar!

There’s some new additions to the Poptropica map! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island is now listed as coming soon, and Skullduggery Island was pushed to the front page to advertise its upcoming book.

EDIT: You can now read the first two chapters of Skullduggery Island for free on FunBrain, Poptropica’s sister site. Also, to watch the trailer video – click here!

Strangely though, Astro-Knights Island doesn’t have that as well, even though it’s also getting its own novel.

Halloween may be over, but there’s still a treat in store. Literally. Maybe wearing a giant chocolate bar costume will put you in the mood for the upcoming Charlie & the Chocolate Factory island. Get the Candy Bar in the Store, 75 credits or free for members! πŸ˜€ (Thanks, Mad Tornado.)

Just don’t eat yourself… and watch your thumb, Linus…

19 thoughts on “Charlie bit my finger, I mean, my candy bar!”

  1. 2 Things:
    1. I can’t wait for Charlie And The Chocolate Island
    2. I already bought the costume. πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry for posting much, but now my name is back to normal !!! (I changed it in October for Hallowen, for those who don’t know).

  3. I really like your costumes Mad S, Mad T! If you want to know how to make my zombie party-er dude here’s how:
    1. Vampire Boy From Store – Hair, Shades
    2. Zombie Prize From Haunted House – Mouth
    3. Frankenstein Tux Guy From Haunted House – Shirt, Scar, Pants
    4. Police, Or Multi V.S. Room – Belt With Gun
    5. 24 Carrot Island (Glitch) – Cup Of Black

    1. You can take a screenshot, save it to your computer, and upload it to the internet for a web link. Then share the web link so other people can see the image. If you need more help on how to complete these steps, use Google.

  4. Everyone New Poptropica AD for wimpy kid the third wheel it gives you a costume that talks and a dancing move that does not say on the top of it for limit time only Adn First

    ~Shaggy Dragon

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