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Four villains and five years of awesome

Poptropica’s homepage now includes a countdown timer for Super Villain Island, so you’ll know what time exactly it comes out on September 27th! There’s also a banner celebrating Poptropica’s 5th birthday, linking to a page about all the secrets from it. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ll start with Super Villain Island. The trailer video has been released, packed with epic graphics and comatose villains! Check it out.

Exciting! ๐Ÿ˜€

As for Poptropica’s birthday bash, here’s what the page says:

We’re celebrating Poptropica’s 5th birthday, and the party’s not complete without you! All September long, we’re hosting a festival of games, giveaways, and surprises. But the fun won’t last forever. Check out our birthday bash now!

Play the 5th Birthday Balloon Game!

Visit any COMMON ROOM during the month of September to play! Find the special “5” balloon and pop it to get the 5th Birthday Costume!

Members Only Exclusive

Members Only Exclusive!

Did you miss your chance to complete a “Members Only” island set in the Poptropica Store? Now’s your chance to make the set complete! In September, we will be re-releasing ultra-rare costumes and powers in the Poptropica Store!

Party Favors for All

Party Favors for All!

For the entire month of September, Poptropicans can get a commemorative color-changing birthday balloon for FREE in the Poptropica Store. Grab this item before it’s gone!

Be sure to pick up your free balloon and cake costume sometime this month! Also, it looks like the Poptropica Store will be re-releasing some old classic limited edition favorites, including the Light Ninja and Renegade Robot costumes! ๐Ÿ˜€

Are you ready for this??

25 thoughts on “Four villains and five years of awesome”

  1. Best. Island Trailer. Ever.
    Even with a creepy Binary Bard at the end of the video… yeah… *nods hesitantly*

    Bring it on! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  2. Hmm.. not feeling the trailer. It looks like it’s just gonna be a mini-quest for each villain, and if that’s the case, this island’s gonna be boring and repetitive. It should be more in-depth considering the storyline.

  3. Since I’m not giving out my username, go to multiverse BUY27 I’ll be there all day and all night so on so on… but I’ll keep that tab open! gives you an oppurtunity to friend me!


  5. Binary Bard wakes up at the end. I wonder if while you are in his mind he wakes up and you are trapped or something.

  6. OMG!!!!! I’ll have 2 renew my membership tomorrow. I CANNOT STAND having to play a demo. membership is totally awesome! Plus my friend Muddy spinner loves when I tell her about the middle of the island(cause I can only get to the middle of an island by the time she asks me:)But the point is,SOS SOS SOS:'(

    1. I know what you mean. Membership is totally awesome, but it cost money and stuff. But they have to make money some how right? I’m SO lucky I happen to get a membership card at this time. I hope it doesn’t expire for a while! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. @slantedfish You carn’t get the Renegade Robot i look for it and I carn’t find it! You sure they realeased, BUT the Light Ninja aka 3rd most rarest poptropica item IS THERE with lumberjack sea captain Count Ghost Hunter Ziggy Moondust (I had it when it was early access) and Wrestling (I got that as well from early access) so there also isnt THE LIMITED EDITION ROBIN HOOD (I WANT IT)! You get the picture, they -DIDNT RELEASE ALL SUPER RARE COSTUMES FOR MEMBERS) Most of them are for early access except light ninja but it also early access (btw if I’m doing a big post I could be a TROLL instead LOL LOL LOL)!!

    1. At the time of this post, they hadn’t released the costumes yet, but they did release the birthday page which had the picture of the Light Ninja with the Renegade Robot, as you can see in the post. Though, they ended up not releasing the Renegade Robot.

      1. @ slanted fish Thanks, Sorry for yelling I was just in an angry mood, I wish I had the renegade and robin hood TOO UNFAIR if you haven’t seen another post I also said in it that even for 4 of october (in Australia) they still haven’t even got rid of the costumes. They said it was for Pop’s b-day and it’s only on September (which is my b-day)I believe! Thanks for telling me though. P.S. Are you a girl because I saw you doing the walkthrough for SVI and you were a girl?Plz reply! @ every1 >.< That sucks no LIMITED COSTUMES, first I started playing in 2010 then stopped then I restarted play in late 2011 early 2012 and now I've got membership every item you cn get now (including 5th birthday costume and baloon) and some rare items you can still get and no offence but I've got every island done.


      2. I am a girl, but not the one shown on the SVI guide. (That would be Brave Tomato, and the guy in the other pictures is Samwow5.) If you want to see what I look like on Poptropica, my username is hi.Juyo. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. BTW Super Villain SUCKS you just get so called TOTEMS for their evil like black widow is aintbrush and captain crawfish totems a toy boat , binary bards is a clock thing and Dr Hare’s a golden carrot oh and btw THE MYSTERY CHARACTER IS ZEUS (I beat him in his dreams and in reality 2x in reality [1 for mythology] and 1 for doing it again) Did I forget a spoiler tag my bad!

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