Hotel Transylvania ad: Bellhop’s Job

There’s a new ad on Main Streets for an upcoming movie called Hotel Transylvania, in theaters September 28th! The object of the game is to deliver the luggages to the correct owners in 150 seconds or less. The names are marked on the doors.


  • Wrapped up bag = Murray (first floor)
  • Stitches bag = Frank (first floor)
  • Normal bag = Jonathan (second floor)
  • Transparent bag = Griffin (third floor)
  • Scratched up bag = Wayne and Wanda (second floor)

For successfully completing this mini-mission, you’ll get two costumes! Girls get costumes of Mavis and Eunice. Boys get costumes of Drac and Frank. You can re-play the game if you want, but you’ll get the same prizes. ๐Ÿ™‚

20 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania ad: Bellhop’s Job”

    1. Good for you that you’ve finished it already, but for the ones who maybe didn’t know about the new ad, they might not mind that it is “late.” Besides, better late than never.

      1. I don’t mean to sound angry; but it did sound like you were being unappreciative in your comment. Anyway, just try to think of the other side before you complain.

  1. I don’t mind that the post is ”late”, just ignore them, Slanted Fish, like I do in school.

      1. I only found it on Early Poptropica and Lunar Colony. I don’t know if it is in any other island.

  2. Aw man! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i wish i could get to that ad! D: its 2015! awwww! i wish i had an idea for a scary costume for this years halloween costume thing. I just love your guyses blogs! It feels like a family here sometimes, and im glad you guys made these walkthroughs and stuff just for us who sometimes have a hard time with something on an island or (etc. like other things).
    Okay, sorry to complain! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Im verry greatful for you guys! (PHB). Poptropica Help Blog!:3
    Bye guyz. If you can, please, please, please give me a halloween costume ideas on where to get cool stuff. Not too detailed though, cuz im very creative and dont want to cheat.
    I will check in here, now and then to see if any answers from you guys or other peeps can help me. I would appreciate if you could help me! BTW please add me. my username is:
    yumyumcookiecake! Okay, talking too much, LOL! im a chatterbox. XD Ok, bye! โค ^-^

    1. Thanks, Rose-Riddle! โค We’re happy to help!

      For Halloween costumes, check out the Poptropica Store (many of the Halloween ones are free!), as well as the Haunted House mini-quest (you can get the card from the Store), and when you play to the end, there’s a ghoul gala where you can costumize Halloween costume parts and get a “Zombify” power. Plus, plenty of other places in Poptropica have cool costume parts (not necessarily Halloween-themed), so keep exploring to find something you like! ๐Ÿ˜€

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