Keep Calm & Ad Lib

More big news has emerged regarding the new Poptropica books that Muddy Axe recently uncovered! For previous posts about the books, click here or here.

The Poptropica Mad Libs book now has a cover! You can also see it on Amazon.

Pencil Warrior‘s cover image is now on Amazon, which features the same villain from this PCB sneak peek last month, only instead of Skullduggery, the cover has a medallion saying “Time Twisted” (Time Tangled’s name before it was released).

The upcoming book Pencil Warrior appears to be a coloring book, but this 2007 article from FableVision seems to describe what we know of the plot as well. Strange that it’s only brought up now.

The new FableVision island merges Poptropica’s exploratory game play with a storyline that promotes creative expression. Under Reynolds’ creative direction, the game’s story features a virtual artist colony where a disgruntled inventor is removing all color and creativity from the island and kids come to the rescue to reverse the colorless chaos.

These books are set to release in November, so look forward to that! 🙂

-slanted fish


6 thoughts on “Keep Calm & Ad Lib”

  1. Mad Libs, huh? I’m not sure if I’m getting it, but it sounds pretty cool.

    It’s the creepy eraser guy! Dangit! I thought it was just gonna be an online quest, but a coloring book? Interesting… very interesting… and I’m not sure if I’m getting that either…

  2. The villain erasing Poptropica on the cover of the book is the same as the one that is erasing Dragon Cove in the PCB post from a couple weeks ago; perhaps the book will come with a code to unlock a quest based on the book. Like how the Blimp Toy came with a code to play the Blimp Quest.

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