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Poptropica Adventures on the Nintendo DS!

A couple months ago, the PHB posted about Poptropica for the Nintendo DS (see this post). And now, the Creators’ Blog finally lists the “Poptropica Adventures” DS game under Merchandise, which can be found on Amazon for $29.99 (USD)! ๐Ÿ˜€
Thanks goes to readerย matthewergc, who notified us that more information regarding the upcoming game has been released. The game’s release date is November 6, 2012, which is in another two months! Ubisoft, the DS game’s publisher, also lists the following information and pictures:

Poptropica, the most popular virtual world for kids is coming to the Nintendo DS! In Poptropica Adventures, the Poptropica museum is in ruins and needs your help! Explore three amazing Islands and find missing artifacts to help restore the museum to its former glory. Meet interesting characters, collect artifacts, solve puzzles, and play mini-games in the ultimate on-the-go Poptropica experience! Looking to stand out in a crowd? Customize the look of your avatar with new clothes, hats, hair styles, and more to show off your unique Poptropica style!

Key Features

  • Explore an Amazing Worldย โ€“ Run and jump through unique Islands based on dynamic themes. As you explore, find items that unlock new areas and open new gameplay challenges.
  • Create a Character All Your Ownย โ€“ Customize the look of your avatar with new clothes, hats, hair styles and more! Progress in the game and you can replicate the clothes of characters you meet or find new clothing and items to create your own unique style.
  • Build a Collection Like No Otherย โ€“ Find gadgets and items as you progress in the game and complete your quests. Use these items to open new areas and display them in your Poptropica Museum.
  • Mini-Game Challengesย โ€“ Complete the quests and unlock a host of mini-games that provide more challenges and variety.

Note that they mention 3 islands, and those seem to be (according to the screenshots) Mythology, Astro-Knights, and a possible new adventure Spy Island (Poptropicaddict points out the top 3 characters on the game cover). Sounds exciting! Will you be getting this game? ๐Ÿ™‚

56 thoughts on “Poptropica Adventures on the Nintendo DS!”

    1. I think the islands will be: Mythology, Spy, and Astro Knights.
      (look at the three characters at the top of the picture).

      1. you can have one of mine ive got three nintendo ds’s one ds lite, one dsi and one nintendo 3ds so you can have one of mine ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Oh! And super power, look at the right bottom corner, there’s Sir Rebeal or somtin’.

    1. I don’t know for sure, since the Amazon page says the item can currently only be shipped within the U.S. However, maybe in the future it will be available to other parts of the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. The game description says “explore three amazing islands,” so it seems they’ve only got 3 planned, at least for now. We can already play them on, but I guess the DS experience would be cool and maybe different. ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. Wow.. Those are some … Erm… Different looking Poptropicans in the promotionary picturesโ€ฆ but I kinda expected that.

    I’m definately getting that game. My DSiXL’s buttons and stylus are going to be worn out when I get that gameโ€ฆ

    1. Yes, is true, the look kinda more chubby;
      And their heads are closer to their body.
      I’m afraid that they’ll look like that, I like how normal poptropicans are.

      1. What the?
        Did you see that!
        (or at least it seems so, compare them with the background; plus, the way they’re animated reminds me of the way I draw them: as if they looked like they need a nose, even though poptropicans don’t have noses).

    1. That’s Soooo true, as some of you may know all comments I post I do it from my iPod touch; too bad there’s not a Adobe Flash version for them.

  2. Sir Rebal’s on the cover, too. Look at the bottom right. Super Power? But that would be four islands, and Ubisoft said three.

      1. BTW poptropicaaddict i was just kidding about the ds thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope you don’t mind, but you should try and get one or even save up it’s sad that you don’t have a ds so i think you should try and get one, plus i won one of the ds’s i have and the other i saved up for and so yeah, you should enter comps and stuff cuz this game could be AWESOME OR even more awesome! (there’s no doubt it won’t be though) ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Meh, I didn’t mind, I was already thinking somthing smelled fishy; hmm, I could save money, but about a week ago I blew it all in some books.
        (I love to read)

        BTW I doubt that I’ll get it because I don’t think I could save enough for the 2 months; plus, I don’t think my mom would let me.

  3. This is off topic, but, anyone seen Mystery NPC around in the meet the new ghouls ad? Like, I don’t even customize anyone and suddenly the screen pops up with him on it! It’s freaking me out!

  4. I think that the third island could either be Spy Island that is holding some of the villians from Superpower Island or the spies went to Superpower Island for currently unknown reasons. Either way, it looks like it’s going to be a great game. Plus, I can’t wait to see if Mordred has a new evil plot!

    1. The promo code that comes with this video game is different for each purchase. A code in this case can only work once, so even if someone told you their code, you wouldn’t get to use it because it can only work for the first person who entered it in.

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