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Sweet Dreams and Horrid Nightmares

Okay… I don’t know where to start. The sweet dreams or the horrid nightmares? I’ll just start with the sweet dreams.

More Daily Pops have been appearing that could pertain to this plausible Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quest.

Nuts to That: Maybe you can help someone come out of their shell.
Time to Punch in: This place will set factory records.
(Brave Tomato: W for Wonka???)
Divine Invention: When this machine drops gum, its gum drops hard.
(Brave Tomato: The Inventing Room?)
Pay no Mind: It’s free to drop in.
Litterbugs: Who’d trash a nice sidewalk like this?
(Brave Tomato: Average commuters.)

Okay… the sweet dreams are up. Now, ladies and gentleman, I present to you the horrid nightmares.

Yesterday, the last of the returning villains have been announced. And as we had guessed, it was the Binary Bard who is returning.

Another Piece of the Puzzle: Did you think we would just go away quietly? In your dreams! We have big things planned, my friends. Big things. Binary translation: Evil never sleeps. ~ Binary Bard

Commenter Fearless Lobster has noticed that the link for this picture is Binary Bard_SVI.jpg. SVI could stand for Super Villain Island!

I can tell that he’s the last villain because he has the rust effect on the side of his poster, like Dr. Hare’s poster had when this madness began. Now, let’s view the whole puzzle.

Despicable. Truly despicable. 4 of Poptropica’s most popular villains involved in something together. In any other place, this combination is very strange, but in Poptropica, a bunny evil genius, a crafty art theif, a pirate captian, and a cyborg jester spells big trouble.

And speaking of big trouble… Shark Tooth Island residents… you are NOT going to like this…

Breaking News: Much more on this story as it develops.

What… the… heck….? I looked at Shark Tooth Island as it is right now. Its slight innocence is still there. The skies are still blue and there are still a lot of salesmen. And, of course, the Booga Shark statue is still in tact. My goodness, Shark Tooth Island, you are not going toย like what’s gonna happen in the near future…

All the latest sneak peeks are mixed. Some are sweet dreams, while others are horrid nightmares. It seems that we will face the nightmare first…

Be prepared, Poptropicans, be prepared.

BT out!

58 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams and Horrid Nightmares”

    1. Well, as it looks like to me it is; my theory is this: the villains teaming up to destroy other islands, but then the dude with the giant pencil wanna erase their islands, but then you team up with the villains to stop him with the condition to fix the islands that they already destroyed, but then you discover that they were lying because after you’ve deafeated the pencil guy they return to destroy island. Their plan was to destroy all islands but theirs so to conquer poptropica easily so then you stop them.

    2. My theory is that the villains made the pencil erasing thing to conquer destroy the other islands. I think you team up with the other villains (like Director D and El Mustashio Grande) because they don’t want their islands to be erased and because they’re jealous that they didn’t get to be with the other four.

      Did that make any sense?

    1. Yeah, I like the book and the movie.
      Maybe this will be kind of like Haunted House; a buy able place.

      1. Yeah! I did spy island SIX TIMES! That many! I don’t want my good work to be a waste!

    2. Where did you get the shak tooth island picture? And I’m sorry if I mistook you for Brave Tomat in the last post. Lastly, the creators said tha FOUR of the villains (Who you already know who they are) and something is going on in fall.

  1. Yeah, I like the book and the movie.
    Maybe this will be kind of like Haunted House; a buy able place

  2. Note the link for the binary bard picture: BinaryBard_SVI.jpg. The SVI could stand for Super Villain Island!

    Brave Tomato: So it does! Good eye! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. All I can say is:

    THIS WILL BE A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!!!!

    Sorry for the emotion, now, back to normal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. All this villain stuff; It makes me wonder(Math ahead): What is Vilain Squared? And to keep your mind fresh, Don’t forget about Super Power Island. There are 6 Villains in there!

  5. I have no clue how a giant rabbit, an art thief, a pirate, and a cyborg jester will go together. But I had trouble fighting them all separated so I do not know how I will beat them together :l

  6. Hey BT, under the picture of all the four villiains together you wrote “combonation” not combination.

    Slanted Fish: Fixed; thanks.

  7. Well! Good thing my favorite island and my home island is shrink ray island! Oh! Wait! Will that island be in trouble????

  8. Woah, so many updates and ideas since I last checked! That’s what high school and a huge workload do to you I guess…

    Super Villain Island might be a quest spanning all the islands together? That pencil guy and the ruined Shark Tooth shot kinda makes me wonder if that will happen.

    OOH< Charlie and the Chocolate Factory island ideas! ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope that comes to fruition!

  9. In the photo of the commuters’s trash is all most all chocolate bars’ ( I don’t remember their name) thingamajigs; another reference to Wonka

    1. I think the chocolate bars are from poptropicans tearing open them, looking for golden tickets. And then decided not to throw them away. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. Woah, my pic really describes me ( shy and happy ) anyway, i would like a Wonka island,

    (goes to kitchen fridge & gets out a bar of chocolate)
    Munch. Munch…
    This is past it’s date!

    1. No offense but you made a lot of mistakes.
      Rabbit, Theif , Pirate, together.
      (don’t worry I’m using a iPod Touch to write on this blog and the auto-correction tool is on)๐Ÿ˜

  11. I am so scared of this island! Four of the meanest villains in Poptropica, all coming back at once… I have no idea how I’m going to manage to beat them.

  12. I just realized something. Look at this picture from yesterday’s PCB post:

    That looks like it was made with the Poptropica Meme generator!

  13. Super villian island WILL be the next island!!! the creators just announced a couple minutes ago!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. oh…my…chickenfinger. OHMYCHICKENFINGER!! Wht the Fudgy sauce happened!??!!? oh i know, captian crawfish happened. wht do u have against me! i haent beaten you yet Crawfish!! you are on my FRIENDS list!! what do u have against me?!?! random outburst of emotion. yeah i know, dramatic. but if ANYTHING gets even CLOSE to wimpy wonderland, you’re going to be dealing with one AAANGRY chick.

    1. I don’t like Captain Crawfish. But I do. He’s the worst villain. But the best. Dr. Hare is a close second.

  15. okay hares my thory the villions team up,however you team up with crazy comet, your craw ,merlian, and the matious men and togather you defaft the villions and save the world!

  16. I think the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory thing will be the 31st Poptropica island after Super Villain Island! Also, I had realized the Charlie and the Choclate Factory thing long before the Poptropica Help Blog did (I couldn’t wait for them to notice), thanks to two sneak peeks that wasn’t shown in this post; the first one showed a house that beared a striking resembelance to Charlie Bucket’s house in the movie; the seccond one was titled, “Oh, Fudge” and the description said, “Where is that great big greedy nimcompoop?”. In the movie, those were some of the lyrics the Oompa Loompas were singing when Agustus Gloop got stuck in the pipe, which probably means the character in this sneak peek was Agustus Gloop but in the sneak peek he was stuck in some candy on a conveyor belt and he was yelling “Help!” in a small word balloon so I would assume they are changing the island quest from the movie?

    What’s your idea?

    1. Well, actually, Brave Tomato did post about the sneak peeks you mentioned and a few others, connecting them with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can read the PHB post here. It does seem like there may be an island or something related to the story. ๐Ÿ™‚

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