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Staying In The Zone

To be in the Zone of Poptropica, you need to be in touch with all your friends. So remember to add people and stalkย check their profiles every day for updates, such as the very interesting fact of whether of not they can do a handstand. Just a heads up, in case you didn’t know, Shark Boy can do a handstand.

Remember, if you want to add the Creators or any other interesting friends, check out the PHB’s Friend Finder.ย Not only can you find important friends, but you can also see the comments and discover other friends you might want to add. If you want people to add you, then leave a comment saying a little about your Poptropican and your username!

So what do you think about having friends in Poptropica? Was it a good idea or a fail from the Creators? Comment with your opinion!

~Super Thunder

12 thoughts on “Staying In The Zone”

      1. what was that

        Slanted Fish: iCostume was a tool that let you get a chosen “costume of the week” every week.

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