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Happy fishing

Remember the SOS Island Members-only gear pack in the Poptropica Store that comes with awesome stuff like the sonar power?

Our favorite sea captain, Crawfish himself, wants to let you know that you can find the gear in your “Store Items” inventory… at the end of the line. He signs off with “happy fishing!”

Thanks CC, we’ll be sure to go fishing for crawfish! Mmmm.

In other news, Loud Shark has created a video tutorial for a new ad game in Poptropica called “Monster High Sweet 1600”! Check it out:

The prizes are Draculaura’s dress and a Count Fabulous follower.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! 😀


7 thoughts on “Happy fishing”

    1. yeah! i agree!he is so mean don’t get to play bonus quest no fair by the way i am older than you i thing i am 10 and you are…………

  1. you are so mean members only by the way you are a da pi gu that means you are a fat butt in Chinese and also you are momoatima and that means you are a peach head in Japanese

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