Did you get your pumpkin pie fill?

Here’s hoping, from everyone at the PHB, that all of our veiwers had a great Thanksgiving!

And that after you get out of the ER from a fried turkey induced heart attack, that you keep coming back for great Poptropica news, cheats, and witty humor.



19 thoughts on “Did you get your pumpkin pie fill?”

  1. *grumble* I’m tired (>^O^)> <——- Tired Person whos yawn in.
    Happy Black Friday! and I had my first ever Chocolate Pie on Thanksgiving!

      1. Because of the chocolate pie.

  2. i got a funny story to tell you fro the phb.

    dr.hare’s silly laugh,by:asliey5

    one time i was at the living room with dr.hare,director.d and binary bard,and they told me to sit down so i did and and watch something about two girls found out it was snezzing powder. ”mhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” laught dr.hare after the next part mhahahahahahahah! ”no wounde the precher keeps saying bless you” i finally heard his silly laught i never hear in my life, ”mhahahahboyhahahahahahahahahahahsofunnyhahahahahahah”. and that is how dr.hare’s silly laught started. LOL XD

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