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Ghost Game Story Show Islands and Trailers!

The first topic of this post is late, I know, but Game Show Island has released!

Get out there and strut your stuff in 5 exciting game shows and spine-tingling boss battle against Holmes! Speaking of spine-tingling…

“A quiet town, an otherworldly adventure, what do these ghosts want?” ~Trailer

Ghost Story Island trailer was released! You get a sneak peek of Main Street, the Gingerbread House, the bank, the Hemlock Haunted Inn, and more! Can’t wait! 😀


A new ad is coming… to town! An Arthur Christmas is actually in town… so yeah. 😛

All you have to do is walk in and get the card on the wall! There’s also a dummy so you could costumize the costume.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! And if you don’t live in America, well, Happy Thursday! 😀

And after that is…


14 thoughts on “Ghost Game Story Show Islands and Trailers!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that this island came out, lol. 😀 I wonder when Ghost Story Island will come out?

  2. Ghost Story Island looks epic… I can’t wait until the early access period!

    P.S. I’ve heard that ad fifty million times and will be glad when it is over. XD

  3. I kinda figured out what they want…..

    Ok so……

    You know how it says “They’re Here” in the begaining whos there in there home???? O_O
    Maybe they want revenge on that person or peoples who yea them.
    And they need your help????

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