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Everyday I’m shufflin’

Party rock is in Poptropica headquarters as well! To celebrate the launch of Poptropica: The Official Guide, the Poptropica guidebook, the Creators threw together an awesome Poptro-Party at their place, and it looked something like this:

And wait a minute, is that… Poptropica CAKE?! O: Looks AWESOME.


(Somewhere in Poptropica’s base, Captain Crawfish lets out a sigh of relief. “Looks like my distraction worked…”)

But you know what they say, “every day is a party when you play Poptropica”! Now go get him!

(A mob runs after Captain Crawfish as the real meal treat of the party panics, runs until he can run no more, and plummets into the sea.)


14 thoughts on “Everyday I’m shufflin’”

  1. Lol. That song was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the title of the PCB. I’m like PARTY ROCK PARTY ROCK! Then my mom stared at me like I had a purple mustache. XD

  2. Hmm…. there were multiple cakes. Were there a lot of people? Did they all work on Poptropica? Is that some kind of lounge? Where is it? And, most importantly, what IS that stuff next to the popcorn?

  3. The stuff by the popcorn is the Carl’s Jr. kids meals that were giving poptropica toys a while ago. (Trust me, I went their to get the toy and code before someone put it online) I guess it is a lounge, but I don’t know.I think their headquarters is in Logan,Utah (I live close to their!) because when they put a picture of the toys at Carl’s Jr. it said carlsJrLoganUtah.jpg. Second because of the Dr. Hare’s travels thing, one of them was at Lagoon (which is awesome) and that is close to Logan. I think they have at least 4 headquarters, but their main one is in Logan.

  4. Idk if u know this already, but in the poptropica official guide book it says medusa is tracey west (the author of the book)

    Hijuyo: Our Creators’ Database (under the Cool Stuff page) already has this info. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Man, my computer goes down for a few weeks, we get it serviced, etc.. I then come back and find….. CAKE?!!!!!!!!! :O
    What in the name of chocolate cheesecake have I been missing?!!!!! o_O
    (retorical question by the way. I can read the posts! ๐Ÿ˜€ )
    mmm…. cake….. THEY HAVE TO INVITE ME TO THEIR PARTY!!!!!
    BTW, Party Rock Anthem is a really good song. I like the background music in it. :mrgreen:

  6. I LOVE Party Rock Anthem!!! It’s like, my fave song!!! I also like Sexy and I
    Know It.


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