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Third time’s a charm


…is a big number this summer.

That’s because it’s time for…

All are invited to this momentous occasion!

We’re celebrating the THREE YEARS of the the PHB’s existence that particular Tuesday this summer because on July 26th, 2008, this blog was born. Now it’s 2011. It’s not 1999 anymore but we can party anyway. 🙂

In addition, your favorite night to meet the PHB authors and have a great time is back and better than ever. Also bearing the number 3 for the 3rd Author Night! So come and expect to have triple the fun on the PHC like you’ve never experienced before!

DATE: Tuesday, July 26th  <<<Date Changed! Adjust your calenders!

TIME: 12:00 noon, EST

PLACE: The PHC of course! >Here<

Authors Attending: Hicoga, Shaggy Tornado, Hijuyo, Elmo Pwns

Click “Read More” for more info about the PHC, a completely safe chatting evironment.

Hey guys! I’m here to promote something I’m sure you’ll all love. Do you like chatting online with great people? Than the poptropica help chat room is perfect for you. With a totally safe environment and upbeat feel you’re sure to have a great time!

Tragically, it seems that just like the “Poptropica Help Forums”, the “Poptropica Help Chat” is also dying. No, not dying in the literal sense. I’m talking about activity. It seems that every time I go on, I see no one there. We can’t let this milestone in PHB history just wash away can we? No sir! That’s not who we are!

Come join us!

I always get on the PHC, along with plenty other respected authors and fans of the PHB. The people there are always nice and friendly. Although if their not, don’t worry. Just tell an owner (Gold Pawn on the right sidebar.) or a moderator (White pawn.) if someone is being mean or harassing you. They can give that person a warning or if it gets to serious, even ban them from the chat all together.

The Poptropica Help Chat: a friendly, funny place bursting with energy. Make yourself comfortable!

We only have three big rules at the PHC. In no specific order.

  1. No cursing or swearing. Other people find this offensive and you may be banned from the chat if it continues.
  2. No spamming. Spamming is when you post lots of unnecessary random messages or use tons of smileys in you’re message. Most people find this very annoying as it makes it hard to see other people talking throughout all of the random things. You could be kicked or banned depending on how bad it is, or just a warning if you don’t do it again.
  3. The number one rule at the PHC is to be nice to others. No one wants to be made fun of or be picked on online. Please respect others and try to make friends. :)

Don’t worry, I’m sure after hearing all that you’re pretty scared. Bans don’t happen very often, as long as you’re not totally being mean to other people you have nothing to worry about.

The PHC Rules! I’ll see you there soon! :D

42 thoughts on “Third time’s a charm”

  1. YAY! I’ll be there (hopefully) if I get home in time… I MIGHT be late. IDK yet, but either way, I’ll hopefully be there.

  2. Will pull as many strings as it takes to come, but of course, I can’t break those strings… :/ I’ll be there (hopefully). I would hope to be back in the States by then, but I shouldn’t be hopeful. This is going to be a long Summer. :c

    1. Hey i remember that screenshot! Lol, we had to say something funny 😛

      @GA: Just a heads-up, i might not come on exactly at 9.

  3. Sadly I’ll be away on the 22nd, so I won’t be able to make it. :\ But if you change the date to July 26th, I can be there AND we’d be celebrating the PHB’s 3rd anniversary (yes it’s soon!). Would that be okay? 😛

    Hicoga: Of cource I’ll change the date, wouldn’t be a party without Juyo would it? 😉

    1. Awesome, I’ll be there! 😀 Hope you don’t mind the edits I made to the post, I just wanted to emphasize the celebration and what the PHC is like. 😛

      Hicoga: As long as you make it more awesome that’s fine with me. xD

      Oh and I like your fishy. :3

  4. AWESOME, even tho im probably gonna forget 😦 and that means im gonna hav to right it down. at least its worth it 😛

  5. Oh, that would be nice. :D.

    By the way, did you realize something? I’m getting slightly suspicious that Poptropica isn’t ever going to give us full access to Shrink Ray Island…
    Because I don’t think they’ve ever given us a demo before…

  6. The time is noon which is 12:00 AM for EST right? And why dont you use the authors night chat? I think it was the first time that you used a chat made for authors nights!

    Hicoga: We would, but the whole point of Author Night 3 is to get people back on the PHC.

  7. I’ll be back by the 16th. I can dig this, Juyo. I’m in :D. BTW, blogger images dont work on my computer but i can still get there (mainly images blocked because of china’s ban). If I do a new post on the blog, u can trash it or repost it if the images dont show up to you guys. Since because of the block here images are not good to go for me. You can trash it if you want, but can you repost it or copy and paste your version from the creators blog if the one i post doesnt show up? Get back to me. Thanks

    Hijuyo: Just post if you think you can, otherwise another author will probably get to it. 😛

  8. I’ll try to make it this time. I would do anything to join in on an epic party with the authors. ^^

  9. It’s tomorrow! 😀 Can’t wait! And the fact that it is in the afternoon for me this time makes it better! So technically, for me, it’s Author “Noon”. While for others, it’s either Author “Morning” or still Author “Night.” X] Either way, I’ll definatley be on tomorrow.

  10. Monster Carnival coming up! 😀

    Hijuyo: No. People write things on Poptropica’s Wikipedia page that are not always backed up by the official source itself, the Creators. Unless they announce the island, it cannot be confirmed.

  11. I’ll be there! I just want to know what time?

    Hijuyo: The information can be found in the post. For your benefit, 12pm EST (noon) – if you live in a different time zone, you will have to convert whatever time that means for you.

  12. Whooooo!!!! That was fun!!!! Happy Birthday PHB and many more. Fast Singer had fun helping pushing the tree down(enchanted forest), giving away soda(big brain factory), getting a hammer staff(crystal cavern),organizing a candy attack(sweet tooth), and getting a new hairdo. 🙂

  13. Sorry that I didn’t make it 😦 Will there be another one?

    Hijuyo: Possibly! Anniversaries (for anything) come once a year, and we usually have an Author Night every few months.

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